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Job seeker shares confusing rejection letter after a strange job interview: 'Dodged a bullet'

Job aspirant shares how the rejection letter from a company made him pity anyone who takes a position in that corporation.

Job seeker shares confusing rejection letter after a strange job interview: 'Dodged a bullet'
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Job search is not a comfortable experience for anyone. It is like looking for a second home, which will impact your mental and physical health for quite a while. Everyone wants to be a part of an establishment thriving with positive vibes. Most people get their first glimpse into the company's work culture during an interview. Therefore, there are many instances of people walking out from an interview due to quickly realizing the incompatibility of the company with their needs. A Reddit user, u/The_Sign_of_Zeta, shared how quickly he picked up on the signs during the interview due to their weird questions. He further explained how the rejection letter solidified that he would never want to be part of the company due to its unusual handling process.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by  Sora Shimazaki
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Sora Shimazaki

The job seeker gave a context regarding his feelings about the company. He attended a job interview and later assigned to the CEO. The interview was weird from the jump and became bonkers for them when they asked, "What I would do if I were shrunk and put in a blender that would start in a minute?" He still went through the complete interview but concluded that he would decline an offer even if they selected him.

They were not waiting for a response since he was in no mood to join the establishment. He received a rejection letter, but more than being disappointed, he was amused by the content and the company's way of handling a crucial aspect like hiring. The letter started with, "Hi! I just talked to John and he said you did a wonderful job in the interview." The reason for his rejection was that the CEO and Bob weren't in agreement about who was the best candidate from the interviews they had the previous week. So, due to that, they were not taking anyone and would start from scratch.

They were surprised that two people working in such high administrative positions could not come to a conclusion. The fact that they decided to let go of two promising candidates and reject them outrightly because they couldn't figure it out was also shocking to him. The fact that none of them even thought there was a chance they might not get promising candidates in their next search shows their obnoxious attitude towards the whole process. It made them more glad that they did not end up with the job and felt pity for the unlucky chap who would have to eventually work in the position and with these people.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/WiseacreBear
Image Source: Reddit | u/WiseacreBear


Image Source: Reddit/ u/Trini_Vix7
Image Source: Reddit | u/Trini_Vix7

People agreed with the job seeker and told them they definitely dodged a bullet. u/Bubble889, asked, "So what's your answer to the blender question?" To which they wrote, "I said that I would climb the fruit in the blender to try and escape, or see if I could unscrew the blender portion." Like many others, u/Puzzled_Reply_4618 was also humored by the entire thing and commented, "Trying to decide whether my focus should be on answering the blender question or figuring out what possible useful information you could learn about a candidate from asking such a question." u/SevereDependent had some experience in working for people who could not come to the same page because of conflicting egos and wrote, "I was in a job like that, reported to the CEO and CMO, neither liked each other. You likely dodged a huge bullet."

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