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Job Hunter shares an entry-level position asking for 8 years of work experience, sparks discussion

This job hunter raised a vital issue when they saw that an entry-level position had asked for 8 years of work experience.

Job Hunter shares an entry-level position asking for 8 years of work experience, sparks discussion
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @earthlyemmagrace

Looking for a job is hard enough, but it becomes even more complicated when the employer has unrealistic expectations. This job hunter raised this issue when they saw an entry-level position that had asked for 8 years of work experience. In a video posted by Emma—who goes by @earthlyemmagrace on TikTok—can be seen applying for jobs from the comfort of her home. At the beginning of the 20-second video, she makes fun of people who state that there are "so many jobs out there."

Image Source: TIkTok
Image Source: TikTok | @earthlyemmagrace 

She discusses how difficult it is for her and others to get an entry-level job. Later, Emma mentions more detail about the matter and says how companies, recruiters, and hiring managers have unrealistic standards for work experience of an entry-level job. In TikTok, she shows how Consulting Associate position was entry-level on Linkedin and she covers the company's name in the video.

Then the job description asks for "8+ years related experience. Like what, what am I supposed to do?" Emma says at the end of the video. "The job hunt is 90% me rolling my eyes at LinkedIn postings. Can someone help me?" she added in the comments.

Image Source: TIkTok | @earthlyemmagrace 
Image Source: TikTok | @earthlyemmagrace 

This video struck a chord with other people. It has garnered 20.6k views and 2.8k likes so far. People were quick to comment on the video as well. @Mads wrote, "The best part is when they don’t reach out after an interview like y’all at least tell me no please."

@CottonCandyMomma commented, "Hiring manager 'I don't like to think of this as an entry-level' But it's posted and paid that way so." @Cas shared, "I sometimes dream about creating an algorithm that spams the company 'Is this entry-level or not?'" @mistryrains25 revealed, "I saw a receptionist job asking for a bachelor's degree and 3 years experience."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

@HollyJollyJessica explained, "I am convinced that this was caused by the job market from 2009 when you had people with 8 yrs exp applying for entry-level bc they were laid off!" @MyIdolPerformances sighed, "Stuff like this makes me wish I would've kept my original major and graduated on time. I'd rather job search in 2018 instead of now."

@Sarah wrote, "It’s cause they copy and paste from other listings and don’t even take the time to edit the description." @goose even offered a solution, "I apply regardless of what the requirements are. There's someone whose job is to tell me if I'm qualified, I refuse to weed myself out of the running."

According to a report by the BBC, a recent analysis of nearly 4 million job postings on LinkedIn since late 2017 revealed that 35% of listings for "entry-level" positions required candidates to have previous relevant work experience.

The prevalence of this requirement was particularly pronounced in certain industries, with over 60% of entry-level software and IT services job listings demanding three or more years of experience. Alan Seals, an associate professor of economics at Auburn University, says, "Internships are now the entry-level. Most of the students in college are doing or trying to do internships, and now it’s increasingly common to do more than one.”

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