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Jimmy John's note about labor shortage backfires: 'This was the worst place I ever worked at'

'We are in the process of restaffing to return to normal operations and would like to apologize for the inconvenience,' the business wrote.

Jimmy John's note about labor shortage backfires: 'This was the worst place I ever worked at'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @JoshuaPHilll

Honesty and transparency are principles that businesses do not often follow nowadays. In a picture posted on Twitter, a notice at one of the Jimmy John's shops in Florida says they are "temporarily closed due to labor shortage." Next to it, there is another notice from former employees claiming that "there is no labor shortage." The poster from the business read, "The location is temporarily closed due to labor shortage. We are in the process of restaffing to return to normal operations and would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience."

Man shrugging while holding a
Man shrugging while holding a "closed" sign in his store - stock photo - Getty Images | Thana Prasongsin


On the other hand, the note posted by former employees' read, "The owners of this restaurant treated their employees like dogs, never once helped us out - they don't even live in Florida. All employees (including management) were students and did a great job keeping the store running with no help from the owners. The past few months of crappy business have been the result of lazy, careless ownership."



GOD reported that most companies across the country have used "labor shortage" as an excuse for keeping businesses short-staffed. Whereas, the employees have stated that the companies which pay liveable wages and have non-hostile work environments are not facing any shortage.

Many on Twitter appreciated the employees for taking a stand. @POCGamer commented, "That awkward moment when your crappy anti-worker message is undermined by the shift worker who knows how the office printer works. Love it!"  @somedudexxx commented, "Man this whole pandemic shit has been showing me all types of places to not support. Tired of these places taking advantage of their employees. I’ve been seeing people speaking up a lot more about this stuff recently. Please poor pay and shit work conditions aren’t cutting it no more." @KAvolanche commented, "This was the worst place I ever worked at. They treat you and pay you like shit. No benefits were offered even tho I worked 40+ hours a week. Made me get doctor's notes as the only way to excuse an absence. Held the store down by myself for almost 3 days and all I got was $25VGC." @johnornberg commented, "Just remember, the big business says there’s a labor shortage. What they aren’t saying is that there’s a shortage of people who want to continue to work for a pittance and being told they should be grateful just to have a job."

Stressed woman applicant feeling nervous at job interview while hr reading resume,Fear of fail concept. - stock photo - Getty Images | Visoot Uthairam
A stressed woman applicant feels nervous at a job interview while HR is reading a resume, Fear of failure concept. - stock photo - Getty Images | Visoot Uthairam


In another similar story, a company's CEO, instead of extending a long-term employee's PTO as she was undergoing treatment, asked other employees to sacrifice their PTOs for her. In a Reddit post by u/deleted, the CEO's note read, "We have a long-term employee of 17 years from our Dietary Department who has been in the hospital and rehab for several months. She has exhausted all her PTO days and her benefits are running out. As you can imagine this has been quite a drain on her family's income."



The CEO said that if anyone would like to "donate one or more days of their PTO, please let the VP of Financial Services know "in writing of your intent. Thank you for your consideration." Many on Reddit were upset with the note. u/bippityboppityzopp commented, "Translation: 'Dear Dunces, Allow me to guilt trip you into doing something that would be cheaper for me in the end." u/baron-von-buddah commented, "Or, you know, you as president and CEO can waive your magic wand for your 17-year employee."


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