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J. Lo's designer surprises teen who has early aging disorder with bespoke dresses of her own

Adalia Rose has progeria, a condition that makes her look older than she actually is. Michael Costello gifted her custom-made Costello pieces for her birthday.

J. Lo's designer surprises teen who has early aging disorder with bespoke dresses of her own
Image Source: Instagram / The Adalia Rose Show

There are some wholesome moments that fill your heart with hope and restore your otherwise dying faith in humanity. When Michael Costello, a designer who has created gorgeous gowns for famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, decided to design bespoke dresses for Adalia Rose, a 13-year-old with an early aging disorder, we couldn't help but be filled with joy. The designer got in touch with Rose and decided to give her a really special birthday gift this year - her own custom-made gowns. The exchange between the two was posted to social media platform Instagram, where it has gone absolutely viral, PEOPLE Magazine reports.


In the clip uploaded on Instagram, Rose exclaims as she opens the gift from Costello, "Oh my god. This is Michael Costello... I’m having a moment." She first unwraps a two-piece outfit inspired Princess Jasmine's character from the movie Aladdin. While she knew this one was in store for her, what she wasn't aware of was the second dress that the Project Runway alum had designed for her: A bright and sparkly one-shoulder gown in a vibrant fuschia shade. In a separate clip, Rose shows off her dance moves and models the two outfits that she was so kindly sent.


The two first met in Austin, Texas. They grabbed a quick dinner together when Costello heard that Rose, who has more than 13 million followers on Facebook as well as almost 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, was in town. The accomplished designer said of their first meeting, "It was the cutest. She was so adorable and so sweet. She’s so tiny that you instantly think she’s going to be like a baby, and you want to baby her. But I didn’t realize that she’s 13 years old, and she’s like any other savvy 13-year-old. She was a little sassy!" Rose's condition, progeria, causes her to look much older than she actually is. Other symptoms include a lack of growth, loss of body fat and hair, stiff joints, and hip dislocation.

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According to Costello, it was super easy to design for Rose. "She said she loves J. Lo, and anything that J. Lo wears she likes to wear, and she loves flowy fabrics and sparkles," he explained, laughing. "And I said, ‘Okay, you’re my ideal client. You are the Michael Costello girl.’" He added that she knew "instantly that she wanted a Princess Jasmine dress." He worked with Rose and her mom in order to make sure he created something that she would absolutely love. They took lots of measurements to get the fit just right and surprised her on a big day, her 13th birthday.


Rose received two beautiful outfits from a designer she loves, while Costello celebrated an important moment in his professional career. "Knowing that we have the capability to make something for them and to celebrate them and to make them feel good about themselves... I just wanted to make her birthday dreams come true," he said. "I feel like I’ve dressed everyone. It’s an incredible milestone for my career. I feel like I’ve done so much and I’ve been blessed so much, and now what I really want to do is start meeting more people like Adalia... What’s it to me? A couple of days on the sewing machine? A few hundred dollars’ worth of fabric and time, just to make someone else’s dream come true."


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