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It's apparently 'inappropriate' to teach your 6-year-old son about anatomy and menstruation

A wife and husband got into a tussle about what age was appropriate for their son to learn about periods. So, Reddit answered for them.

It's apparently 'inappropriate' to teach your 6-year-old son about anatomy and menstruation
Image Source: Getty Images /Thanasis Zovoilis (Representative)

A mother took to the forum Am I an A**hole on Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for educating her six-year-old son about human anatomy and menstruation. She explained that she was menstruating on a particular day when her son asked her why she was so tired. Instead of hiding the truth, the mom decided to share information about her period (what it was, how it worked, all that jazz). When her husband found out what she had done, he was quite cross. According to him, she should not have shared that information with him. Therefore, the mother turned to Reddit to ask if she had done something wrong in this particular situation.




For some context, the Reddit user was a single mom of two before she met her current husband. She added, "My husband is a good man. He doesn't say 'ew' when I talk about my period, doesn't freak out when I change a tampon, and even buys them for me sometimes. We both agree that when the time is right, all the kids (we have a baby girl together, now) will be taught male and female anatomy and sex ed. It was never a question in our minds that they should know this."




Despite this, they fundamentally disagreed about when was the right time to share information about menstruation. While the husband believed the kids should be older, she argued, "I think teaching kids from an early age about reproductive health will lead to them being more open and honest with us later when we have the 'real talk,' and go to us with questions and problems... And again, while I used clinical terms, it wasn't like I was teaching him sex positions or anything but the general gist of what a woman's body is like." Of course, there may not be an objective answer to the question as all parents raise their children differently.




The mom even noted about her husband, "To be fair, his parents didn't introduce sexual topics until he hit puberty, and he's still a more-than-well-adjusted man. Like I said, he's very compassionate, understanding, and non-squeemish when I get my period." Ultimately, however, most folks agreed that she was, indeed, not the jerk in this situation. One user affirmed, "A six-year-old is old enough to know the basics. Stigma will never be removed if we don't teach the next generation that it's no big deal." Another parent weighed in with their own experiences. "Never too young to learn about the human body!" They affirmed. "Even now at three when my kid points and asks what *insert body part here* is, we use the clinical term and move on. I agree he is too young to talk about sex but hearing about a period and why mommy is a little more tired today is not going to damage him." So there you have it, folks. It appears that it's never too early for kids to learn about the human body.



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