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'It's a joke': 4-year-old lays into 'annoying' shoppers hoarding all the food at supermarkets

Frustrated by how there was no food left at her local supermarket, this little one expressed her anger with shoppers who had stockpiled necessities, leaving none for others.

'It's a joke': 4-year-old lays into 'annoying' shoppers hoarding all the food at supermarkets
Image Source: eliistender10 / Twitter

You've probably heard about local supermarkets running out of essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even food. In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, those who are privileged enough have taken to hoarding necessities. Whether it's canned goods or fresh veggies and fruit, the supply chain has been disrupted because of consumers who are actively stockpiling goods. While this may seem like the best idea for those who can afford to do so, others who live paycheck-to-paycheck are left with little to nothing at their grocers. Evidently, this is a problem. A 4-year-old on Twitter expressed her frustration with this whole situation in a now-viral video.



In the video, the girl is seen sitting in a shopping cart and talking to her mother at a local supermarket. "There's no food," she complains. "There will be no food left if they take all of it." Her mother, who is most likely recording the video, assures her that there "is some food left." However, the little girl is relentless and shows no mercy as she criticizes hoarders. She continues, "If you came to Tesco to buy some food for your supper, why would you take all the food?" Her mother, clearly amused, eggs her on. "They're just being silly, aren't they?" The entertained mother asks. "I know, it's ridiculous!" The girl, nodding her head in disappointment, affirms, "It's a joke!"





As the four-year-old gets progressively more frustrated, she thinks of an inventive solution to stop people from hoarding and stockpiling food and other necessities. She recommends, "Why could you not go to their house and call the police to take them to jail?" While her mother suggests that it's "not that severe yet," she says, "They're getting annoying because they're taking all the food!" The little one ends her cute (but very serious) rant with a shy smile. Her mother asks, "Are you finished? Can we continue shopping now?" The girl bends over, flashing the same smile. Though she is super adorable, this little smartypants has pointed out a real problem that is affecting communities across the world.





Of course, Twitter users recognized just how intelligent–and entertaining–the four-year-old was. One Twitter user posted in response to the video, "Even a four-year-old knows it's wrong." Another added, "She’s more ‘adult’ than the adults." Some people pointed out that the little girl wasn't wrong, such as one user who stated, "Wee-yun's nae wrong! She speaks a lot of sense. Stop stockpiling and panic buying. It's the most vulnerable and in need in society who are suffering from the greed of others." One user even wanted to nominate her for a role in the government! They wrote, "Get her in charge of the country... Because she speaks more sense than the clowns in charge. This food thing has got out of hand and no one is doing anything. To all the clowns doing it, a four-year-old shows more sense than every last one of you."

Since it was first posted, the video has received over 7,000 likes. It has also been retweeted over 2,300 times. That just goes to show how relatable the little girl's frustration is. From the single consumer level to a more macro scale, hoarding and stockpiling are threatening supply chains and global trade. If this continues in our globalized world, we may begin to see a shortage of necessary goods. As far as you can, do not resort to panic buying. This is the only way to ensure a smooth transition back to normalcy once the Coronavirus outbreak has successfully died down. Let's also remember our neighbors and leave enough for our communities as a whole.

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