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Iraqi-Irish fusion wedding celebrating cultures is winning hearts | 'This is what the future looks like'

Two men can be seen playing drums while five men and women are matching the beats and dancing to them in this heart-warming video.

Iraqi-Irish fusion wedding celebrating cultures is winning hearts | 'This is what the future looks like'
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @heyitshelenhaych

A wedding brings people together but it also enables communities to come together to celebrate a joyous occasion. That's one of the most beautiful things about a wedding. Fusion weddings are always wholesome as it shows people celebrating each other's culture and that's what happened at an Irish and Iraqi wedding that's going viral. In this Tiktok video posted by @heyitshelenhaych, two men can be seen playing drums. Meanwhile, five men and women are dancing to the beats. The guests also seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves at this fun wedding. 

Tiktok | @heyitshelenhaych
Tiktok | @heyitshelenhaych


The fusion dance at the wedding went viral with more than 1.2 million views and is captioned, "Love a fusion!!! As much as I love weddings hehe." @SonofShem.aram commented, "Everyone understood the assignment! I love this." @imphillipa wrote, "Omgsh that goes together so nicely!!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾" @trophyknife commented, "Man, the world could be such an awesome place if we'd all respect each other like that." @sarahelizabethw20 wrote, "I love this because it really shows how humans use music and dance to connect culturally. Storytelling through movement and song!" @leviandreneut commented, "This is what I’m talking about!! This is what the future looks like 🤩❤️"

Tiktok | @heyitshelenhaych

Tiktok | @heyitshelenhaych




In another story about a father-daughter dance, Nancy Krieger and her father, Ronald Lestock, thought of giving their memorable dance a twist. They shocked everyone at their wedding with the moves and posted it on Tiktok which went viral. She wrote in the caption, "When everyone thinks you’re pranking your dad...and then he joins in." The 22-second video shows Krieger and Lestock dancing to The Temptations' 1965 classic "My Girl" on the dance floor before the song changes to Usher's 2004 single "Yeah!". Krieger attributes the dance to her father. 

She said, "When we were deciding on what dances we were gonna do, we were like, there's no way that we can do just a slow song because we're gonna cry the entire time and that's uncomfortable for me and for all the guests, so my dad actually brought up the idea. He's like, "We need to do a fun dance!,'" according to GMA. Lestock believed that they should be doing something different.  He added, "I thought about it. I said, 'You know what, let's try doing something different other than the old you know, daddy's little girl dance. You know?'"

They chose a couple of songs to dance to. However, they still wanted a slow-dance moment together so they picked "My Girl" for it.  She explained, "the first song was Usher’s 'Yeah!,' the second song was 'Twist,' which was a fun dance to do. My dad picked that one. And then I picked '1, 2 Step' by Ciara that was next. And then we closed it off with 'Y.M.C.A.,' which was really fun because everyone was up doing YMCA. So, it was a good mix." 

Krieger and her father rehearsed once a week for about eight to nine months. She said, "When I went home, we would practice the dance in the living room and the kitchen to like, throw ourselves off, so we could make sure we weren't gonna be nervous." She was nervous as they planned to perform for their 170 guests and husband but they all loved the dance.

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