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Internet rallies around woman who paid all expenses of parents' trip only to hear them complaining

When the woman wanted her parents to have a break on a Hawaiian island, all they did was complain about the expenses.

Internet rallies around woman who paid all expenses of parents' trip only to hear them complaining
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Asad Photo Maldives, Facebook | Facebook user

As the cliche goes, "Family over everything," one cannot deny that no bond is as strong as the bond between family members. However, that does not mean a family can take for granted the love one has for them. For instance, a woman recently gifted her parents a fully paid trip to a Hawaiian island and all they did was complain the whole time they were there. Taking to a public Facebook group, the anonymous user shared her concern over her parents being so ungrateful and constantly texting her with new complaints.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Monica Silvestre
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Monica Silvestre

The woman explained her situation by posting a snapshot of her Dad's complaints about the expenses on the island of Kauai. "Ok, so I sent my parents on vacation to Kauai as a thank you basically for my mom helping me so much with all of my kids when I had my fourth baby," she wrote. She was also thoughtful enough to align this 5-day trip with their 36th wedding anniversary. "My husband and I paid for their airfare, hotel and rental car," she mentioned. So, all the parents had left to pay was for their meals and any extra activities they chose to do. Generally, one would feel elated to have a carefree vacation, but this woman's parents were not that grateful.

Image Source: Facebook | Facebook user
Image Source: Facebook | Facebook user

She said, "All I've pretty much heard from them is how expensive their food is. Not a thank you or even an appreciative or positive remark." In the texts her father sent her, it's pretty clear that he was grouchy about paying a lot for the food. He took a screenshot of a $104 restaurant bill that he had paid and sent it to his daughter. "Quit your complaining. You're in paradise on a free vacation," the daughter replied light-heartedly. However, the man grumbled how their cheapest meal was $40 and many places charged $50-60. "A condo would be smarter here. Then you could cook a few meals," he added. Now, the woman worried if she was wrong to be irritated by her parents' constant complaining about food expenses, but people backed her up.

"I literally can't imagine receiving such a nice gift and doing nothing but complaining about it. If they were going to be that concerned, you'd think they'd look some things up about food costs and stuff beforehand and politely decline if they didn't want to spend that money," said Dex Avery. "That is such ungrateful behavior! They are the ones ordering food- if it's too expensive, buy something cheaper. I don't care who they are. They are being rude!" remarked Becky Small. "You should send them to Wendy's next time if they're so concerned about a cheap meal!" quipped Emylee Taylor.

On a similar note, another woman garnered the internet's support for choosing her comfort over helping her ungrateful brother and family. When her family sidelined her in favor of her brother, u/Haunting_Tackle_6997 took her frustrations to Reddit. When she stayed with her parents, the woman contributed to groceries and rent significantly. But soon, she was forced to move because her brother lost his job and wanted to move in with his family. The annoying part was how the family expected her to pay for rent and household expenses even after she moved out. However, the internet reassured them that she wasn't faulty and her family was using her as a scapegoat to help her brother.

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