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Internet rallies around contractor after rude customer crosses boundaries and harasses him

The 'classist' client had been pestering the contractor with reckless and narcissistic behavior and it was high time the contractor took action.

Internet rallies around contractor after rude customer crosses boundaries and harasses him
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Kindel Media, Reddit|u/St3fanz

It is expected that business persons maintain ethics while interacting with customers. However, things should be vice-versa as well. When a "classist" customer overstepped their boundaries, a contractor boldly put them in their place. u/St3fanz shared a post on Reddit, mentioning that he had been working for a rude and reckless customer who had no respect or ethics. He mentioned that two of the major problems he had with the man were miscommunication and rude behavior. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| This is Engineering
Representative Image Source: Pexels| This is Engineering

The contractor was called to remodel a home. Firstly, the man mentioned that the client would constantly ask for days without interruption and also complain that the work was taking too long. Additionally, the contractor mentioned that the client would bombard him with calls and texts at night and post working hours for silly reasons. “I got a text asking why we had installed old beaten-up caps (he called them plugs) on his exterior doors. He sent me a pic, and I explained they were pre-existing, and were through-bolt caps for the door handles. Thought nothing more of it,” the man said.

The client sent multiple texts at night again, insisting that there was something wrong with the bolts. The contractor explained several times as best as he could but to no avail. The client then began calling him a liar and threw mean responses at him.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mikael Blomkvist
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mikael Blomkvist

“This was the culmination of a back and forth and at the end, when it was definitively proven, he just said, ‘Oh. I need a break from this. It’s too much dealing with you,’ casting himself as my victim,” the man remarked. Convincing himself to get the work done despite the customer's impulsive and short-tempered nature, the contractor was shocked to receive a barrage of texts at 2 am from the customer. The man was at his wit’s end and decided to terminate the contract. “My work carries a one-year warranty in my contract. The finished work would be the easiest element to make a year of frivolous claims about. Having learned that I can’t trust him, I knew it was time to exercise my right to terminate the contract,” he said.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Oană Andrei
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Oană Andrei

The contractor wanted to ensure he got paid for all the expenses he had incurred. “The invoice reflected wages I’d already paid, materials I’d already bought, and payments to subs,” he explained. He cleared the site, packed up his equipment and got his payment before he could speak with the man to avoid untoward outcomes. “I opened by saying that we needed to discuss boundaries around contacting me, but before I was able to finish my first sentence, he interrupted. He snarled, ‘I’m the client. You work for me. I’ll contact you whenever I feel I need to.’” After much explaining and a heated argument, the contractor finally terminated his agreement.

“His first reaction was to threaten to sue me. I advised him to read the ‘right to terminate’ clause in his contract,” he said. The customer couldn’t do anything but disrespect and slander him further. “I left for my vehicle to the sounds of him yelling threats and insults and it took every bit of self-control not to turn around and throw his ass over the bluff. Whatever you do for a living, don’t put up with crazy, don’t accept classism!” the man wrote. u/Lanzy1988 wrote, “I'm happy you stood up to yourself and kept calm. Pretty infuriating reading what your client has done.” u/xapacean mentioned, “So good on you for having more sense than pretty much everyone else.” u/SecureWriting8589 added, “The client is most definitely not always right, especially here.”

Image Source: Reddit|u/ElBurritoExtreme
Image Source: Reddit|u/ElBurritoExtreme
Image Source:Reddit|u/BankshotMcG
Image Source: Reddit|u/BankshotMcG

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