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Internet rallies around fast food worker after she was taken off the schedule without any notice

The woman shared that she was new at her first 'real' job but was working really hard to learn the rules as she didn't want to disappoint others.

Internet rallies around fast food worker after she was taken off the schedule without any notice
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Antoni Shkraba production; (R) Reddit | u/lawfullytired

A Reddit user, u/lawfullytired, would like professional life to come with a handbook. She is not the only one with this assertion because especially freshers would agree with her. Freshers who have just entered the workforce often do not have any idea about the rules at professional places, which leads them to dilemmas or in dire situations. But thanks to the internet, there are ways in which individuals can cross-check things that are being done to them. It is what this 20-year-old woman is doing with her Reddit post, in which she is getting support from social media users who are making her understand what exactly has happened to her at her workplace and how to move forward from the situation.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Kampus Production


She stated in the post how her "predicament" started with a single message. She shared that the text was from the leadership team of her workplace, who was asking her a reason for leaving and wanting suggestions on how to improve the establishment. The catch is she never "quit." She never informed anyone about any intentions like that, so this was shocking. It is bearing heavily on her because this was her first "real" job and she has nothing else landed for her.


The woman admitted that it was not all smooth sailing. It has been difficult for her to understand how everything operated in the fast food place. But she was slowly absorbing everything and her employee clearly communicated to her, "I was doing good all things considered." In order to make up for what she believed were her drawbacks, she worked overtime and also contended with her toxic co-worker, who harbored a dislike for her. She did her level best to make up for 4 employees who had recently quit the place by covering their shifts and taking up their portion of the work.

The only time she was really reprimanded was when she turned up one hour late due to a hospital visit: "I had a hospital visit in which I would be an hour late to work and they gave me some flak for that, but I didn’t hear anything else about it." All in all, there was no reason for her to be afraid regarding her job as far as commitment to the workplace was concerned.


This message came out of the "left" field for her. At first, she thought it must have been a mixup as someone else had quit, but a close friend at work informed her, "Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you, I don't think they're putting you back on the schedule." Not only was the whole thing going to leave her in a bad place financially, but it also felt exploitative as she took time out of studying to help the shop when people quit. If they had any issues, rather than talk to her, they bombarded her with a message like that. She wants to get to the bottom of it and contacted the manager for further talks.

Image Source: Reddit/u/kiwimuz
Image Source: Reddit/u/kiwimuz


Image Source: Reddit/u/Vegetable_Idea_9210
Image Source: Reddit/u/Vegetable_Idea_9210


Reddit users supported her and felt that what was being done to her was wrong. It was another common instance of "use and throw" by corporations, and many gave her some ways in which she could fight back. u/PretendAd8816 instructed the employee on things that she must do not to let the fast food shop off the hook, "Make sure you respond back that you haven't left and you expect to show up for your scheduled shift. This is a sneaky way to say you quit so they don't have to pay unemployment."

u/tc_cad shared a similar incident that happened to them, "I was 18 and worked as a dishwasher. I showed up at work one day, got changed, and began loading the dishwasher. One of the cooks saw me and asked why I was there. I said my shift started at 5:00 p.m. He said I should probably talk with the manager. So I did. Turns out they fired me. I said I never got a phone call about it. They said they told the other dishwasher to tell me. Jerks, they fired him too. We were both replaced."

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