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Internet is confused whether this woman is AI-generated or not: 'The future is going to be crazy'

The woman claimed that her video ad was AI-generated but people on the internet weren't convinced.

Internet is confused whether this woman is AI-generated or not: 'The future is going to be crazy'
Cover Image Source: X | @beckylitv

Artificial Intelligence is taking over multiple facets of our lives. With its growing popularity and usage, it has become increasingly difficult to determine AI-generated content on social media. People are using AI for nearly everything are using it for everything. A woman named Becky, founder of a brand called GetDirty posted a video on X (previously Twitter) that sparked everyone's interest in its origin. While Becky claimed that it was an AI-generated video, many people were not convinced and it left everyone confused and wondering.

Image Source: X |@beckylitv
Image Source: X |@beckylitv

The video begins with a woman, who looks exactly like Becky, saying, "So you guys are telling me when you are out of the house for hours you are comfortable walking around with all that stinky body that’s been building up on you all day? What's even crazier is that some of you are applying that deodorant on top of the odor which is honestly making it worse." She then proceeds to talk about the brand, "Let me tell you what I do. It is a healthy hygiene hack. My friends told me about these clothes from GetDirty. They were originally for firefighters to remove carcinogens off their skin which don't play games like other wipes in the market." She goes on to say that it is anti-bacterial and removes sweat, dirt and odor. "After you use these your skin will have a soapy clean smell," she concluded.

Image Source: X |@beckylitv
Image Source: X |@beckylitv

The video is captioned, "It’s terrible but I still think it’s wild that this can all be done with AI. Imagine in 6 months." and has about 1.3 million views. People were confused about the video being generated by AI due to its eerily familiar resemblance to Becky. @erichcervantex commented, "Honestly at first I wouldn't have suspected this was AI. But now that's it confirmed, it's a lot easier to spot the irregularities...weird how that works. The future is going to be crazy that's for sure." @ladidaix wrote, "I'm confused. Where's the AI?" @GuiFerrolli said, "I’d say this is just a deep fake kinda generation. Maybe the face details came from a prompt. But I bet 90% of this is a real video and AI 'replaced' a few things according to the prompt."


The doubts and confusion became complicated because some people said that the woman in the video has an account on Fiverr where she goes by the name Ariel M and offers services like User Generated Content (UGC), product reviews and video ads. On the other hand, the person who uploaded the video claimed that the video is completely AI-generated and she used Arcads to do it. However, the company website states that it provides a catalog of pre-recorded content made by different creators. The website states, “FRESHR offers its customer the option of uploading a script to the platform to create a final video which, based on the video model chosen, integrates the script, in particular by making the lip-sync and cloning the voice with that of the video model creator or another creator.”


Becky later explained in a TikTok video how she created the video. "I found this tool called Arcads and supposedly just pay them some money, write some script, pick models and you pick scenes and it generates this video for you," she says. She also states that it doesn't matter if it's AI-edited or AI-generated what "is not real is that the person, whether or not she exists, did not try my product and leave an actual review. It's AI-generated." Even though the question of whether the video is real or not isn't solved, it highlights how Artificial Intelligence has made things complicated on social media.

@beckylitvin Excuse the heavy breathing, i’m walking on the treadmill. We are living in crazy times. Stay safe out there ✌🏻#aitechnology #aitools #aisoftware ♬ original sound - Becky litvin


You can follow Becky (@beckylitvin) for more content on her brand.

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