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Woman uses ninja reflexes to catch her dog just in time after it jumped from second floor

The incident was caught on the door camera and showed the woman lunging to catch the dog just before it hit the concrete.

Woman uses ninja reflexes to catch her dog just in time after it jumped from second floor
Image source: Twitter/LadBible

A video of a woman catching her dog after he jumped from a second story window is going viral online. The woman displayed out-of-this-world situational awareness and ninja reflexes to save her dog from a tragedy. The video posted on Reddit was from a door camera and shows the woman talking to a workman outside her home before noticing her dog jumping from the window. The workman stood transfixed on the scene as she saved the dog. The video posted on Reddit has received more than 64,000 upvotes. People just couldn't enough of the woman's awareness and reflexes and hailed her as a hero for saving her dog.



The 15-second video starts with the woman interacting with a workman outside her home. She hears a small noise coming from the second floor of her home and looks up. The workman appears to be taking notes about something. She notices something off with her dog and moves forward. Then she realizes her dog is about to jump from the window. “Oh my oh get back, Clarence,” she shouts, but the dog forgets everything he learned in obedience training and just jumps. She lunges forward just in time to catch the falling dog before it hits the ground. She then lifts him up to check if he's injured and realizes that everything is fine. "Oh my god,” she exclaims. The ground was concrete and could have made for a bad, and possibly even fatal fall, but thanks to her reflexes, her dog gets to live another day.



The woman confirmed the dog was doing OK. "She's never done that before and she's six, so it was a bit of a shock!" said the woman, reported The Daily Mail. "She's always been an independent dog but I guess she's become clingy since the pandemic and working from home, she always wants to be by my side." She added that the windows were shut and Clarence pushed them open. She also revealed that she realized the dog was about to jump only because the sun's reflection on the wall moved and caught her eye.



Many Reddit users agreed with the woman that the dog possibly jumped out of separation anxiety. "Had a neighbor's dog do this from the second story in my old apartment complex. I could see that the dog had scratched out the screen and was getting ready to jump so I ran over and urged it to jump to me instead of the concrete. I took the dog into my house, waited till the owners got home, and let them know what happened. Apparently, the dog has horrible separation anxiety and they accidentally left the window open. Just happy I could help," wrote one person.



People also couldn't help but laugh at the man who seemed completely unperturbed by what unfolded before his eyes. "He just wants his invoice signed. That's some strong I want to go the f*ck home energy," wrote one person. "Dude is like the useless husband in any slasher movie," wrote another. "Obviously he needed to hold his clipboard and pen for dear life otherwise they'd fall too," commented another. "That dude is like all the characters on "Law and Order" who get interviewed by the cops when a murder happens. They just keep doing their job as if it's no big deal," added another. "I mean that dude just said "alright..." after she caught a speeding lump of fur heading for the concrete like this is a normal day for him and he just needs to get on with the paperwork like what is this reality and what can I do to get out of it," joked another.




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