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"Insane" Stepmom Places Absurd House Rules For The Whole Family

This Reddit user's mom established some pretty stringent rules for the household, and people were pretty appalled.

"Insane" Stepmom Places Absurd House Rules For The Whole Family

All moms have got their quirks and ridiculous house rules. Whether that's not letting you help out during meal prep because it's her kitchen or taking away gaming consoles when she thinks it's time for the kids to play outside, sometimes there really is no rhyme or reason to some of the rules that mothers establish in their homes. While it's easy to understand some of these rules as just your mom's idiosyncrasies, there are other, more controlling mothers out there who have issues with, well, control. Such as Reddit user Korzaz's stepmom who put some rather questionable rules in place for him, his brother, and his dad.


Taking to Reddit forum Insane Parents, Korzaz shared the new set of rules his stepmom had established and made official through a list posted to the refrigerator door (the official notice board of any household). The bizarre rules included: One microwave use per person per day, the kitchen would "close" at 10 pm every night, internet and game use to be limited to two hours maximum per day, and no cooking in the house (from eggs to frozen pizza). According to the notice, there would be "consequences" for those who did not follow the rules. What kind of consequences, however, is yet to be seen.

Source: Reddit

In an effort to empathize with Korzaz, some users shared their own similar experiences. Drawtaru shared: My mom did something similar. I had just gotten [out of] a bad relationship and couldn’t afford my apartment and had nowhere to go, so I went “home.” Once there I was instructed not to use the kitchen. She had converted my bedroom into a dog room, so I had a futon that I had to share with several dogs, and I had two cabinets (like kitchen cabinet size), one for clothing and one for food. That, and a small table for my computer. Everything else I owned went into storage. I didn’t drink milk for a year because I wasn’t allowed to use the fridge. I was allowed to use the microwave, thankfully, but I literally lived off ramen noodles and pop tarts for a year. Also she called me her servant and told me I had to do her laundry because she “let” me live there.

Of course, other Reddit users had to note just how absurd the list of rules was. Sharpshot877 wrote: At that moment I would rip the board down and break every rule. Strangeandmisguided pointedly asked: No cooking and one microwave use? What is this, prison? BTCM17 added: Why didn’t she save herself the time and just write, 'hate you, leave'? Thankfully, the list was posted on the fridge in 2017 and Korzaz escaped his hell hole of a home shortly after it was posted. He shared: This was two years ago. I moved out two months after these rules were put up. On this specific subreddit, users vote on whether parents are actually insane or not. As one would guess, users overwhelmingly voted that Korzaz's mother was, in fact, insane (how surprising). Only one user voted "fake," implying that the rules weren't actually real. On the other hand, 98 users voted "insane." Thankfully, Korzaz got out of there in the nick of time. Phew!

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