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Influencer dancing in the rain after quitting 9-5 job is the best thing on the internet today

Fabrizio Moroni showed us what true happiness means when he listened to his heart and quit his job to continue to pursue content creation.

 Influencer dancing in the rain after quitting 9-5 job is the best thing on the internet today
Cover Image Source: Instagram|@fabriziovmoroni

Choosing happiness over anything toxic or unhealthy can be a tough decision but when it happens, it becomes one of the most refreshing feelings. Fabrizio Moroni, an influencer on Instagram, hopped onto the trend of getting a 9 to 5 job along with content creation. However, after much thought, he quit his job and his reaction of relief is one of the most jovial things ever. He shared a video of him simply enjoying a dance in the rain after quitting. 

Image Source: Instagram|@fabriziomoroni
Image Source: Instagram|@fabriziovmoroni

“I just quit my job today and it’s raining and I'm dancing,” he said. He was at a loss for words as tears of joy filled his eyes. He was simply enjoying the rain and a heavy weight lifted off. He was enjoying being himself and one could sense a freedom and delight in his aura. “When I first accepted this job I thought I would be able to make a 9-5 and my content creation fit in my schedule. I was wrong. I overestimated my ability to be present everywhere at once and to show up equally to all things I commit to,” Moroni explained. He further revealed that committing to both taught him that one can't always commit to many things.

Image Source: Instagram|@fabriziovmoroni
Image Source: Instagram|@fabriziovmoroni

“If you commit to many things, you’re not actually committed to any,” he remarked. The influencer further mentioned that he was faced with the choice of having to continue content creation or his job. He was in a fix since his content was more light-hearted and uplifting stuff that often brought smiles to people’s faces. “Creating for you (and me) is the greatest honor and the only thing that actually fulfills me,” Moroni said. He added how many people always told him that his content was life-changing and inspiring. “Every single day some of you stop me in the streets of Paris and thank me for what I do. When it’s actually me thanking you for the immense love and support you show me. It will never be forgotten,” he exclaimed.

Moroni decided to quit his job and pursue his content creation and while it was a tough decision, it was a life-altering one. “This was not an easy choice, but as you can see, it was the one that made me happy. Excited to see what’s next for us,” he wrote. Though he was only happily repeating, “I just quit my job,” throughout the video, there was some relief, some comfort and some optimism in his eyes and that’s undoubtedly a win for Moroni. Many people related to the freedom and joy Moroni felt. said, “In China, we say resignation is the best cosmetic surgery for us.” @mikericcardi34 said, “I quit my first 'real job' post-graduation after only 2 months. Sometimes you just know and can't look back!” his colleague @yaseminnyildirimm said, “Proud of you, love. We’ll be missing your energy at the office!!!”

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