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Man keeps napping under his office desk until he is caught by coworkers and boss

A civil engineer kept taking naps under his desk at work to get some much-needed sleep until he was finally caught in the act.

Man keeps napping under his office desk until he is caught by coworkers and boss
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Fans of "Seinfeld" will know how George Costanza took the concept of taking naps very seriously and even more so when he found a cozy little spot under his office desk. He even went to the extent of hiring a carpenter to make some more room and also added a shelf to keep an alarm clock under his desk. All of this effort so he could sleep under his desk while he was at work. Well, George certainly inspired a lot of people. A Reddit user did something similar where he began to take naps under his desk and eventually got caught for it.


The post has got 4.7K upvotes and 701 comments on the site. The 25-year-old shared how he was a civil engineer and worked in "one of the complicated technical industries." One responsibility of the job involved reviewing work reports before they were submitted the next day. He had to make sure that everything was correct and safe with these reports. The man would start looking at them at 12 AM or 1 AM and finish going through them by 4 AM, almost pulling an all-nighter.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Dziana Hasanbekava
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Dziana Hasanbekava

His office had a desk and he often took naps in his desk for quite some time. The man shares, "Since I'm a civil engineer, my work also requires outdoors work, so on days when I spent the night reviewing, I come to the department manager and tell her that I'm going outside to check on projects and she gives me the green light." Whenever this happened, the man would go to his office, close the door and take a nap. He would sleep for half an hour or an hour. The problem was that his team would often look for him to consult on group projects, but they could never find him as he took naps, which affected their productivity.

On one particular day, the man happened to be napping under his desk when he overheard his teammates and his manager enter his office. He shares, "Unfortunately, the project documents were inside my desk drawers. So they and the manager walked to check the desk drawers and I was exposed." They all looked at him in disappointment, and he expresses that it was the "most awkward moment" of his life.

His department manager took him to her office and gave him a formal written warning and gave him even more responsibilities. People on the platform were more concerned with the long hours the man seemed to be working. u/Flappy_beef_curtains said, "If you're hourly, stop taking work home. Get yourself on a normal sleep schedule. Stop working for free. If you're salary, it doesn't matter when you get your work done as long as it's done."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Fleonar
Image Source: Reddit | u/Fleonar
Image Source: Reddit | u/natemadsen
Image Source: Reddit | u/natemadsen

u/Killowatt59 made a reference to the popular series "Seinfeld," writing, "A real-life George Costanza!! Sounds like you are working too many hours. They expect too much from you." Another individual, u/augustwest30, commented, "Fellow civil engineer here and I did the same thing at my first job. A secretary caught me one day napping in a corner cubicle, but she didn't care." u/transferingtoearth suggested, "Talk to your boss and ONLY work when you are paid. Don't take on more."

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