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Individual bravely confronts former bully years later and highlights the insensitive things they did

They called out their bully's hurtful actions years later, seeking closure and justice by reminding them of everything they did in school.

Individual bravely confronts former bully years later and highlights the insensitive things they did
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexes | Andrea Piacquadio, (R) Reddit/u/AltruisticCableCar

Many young kids tend to face bullying in school. Bullies make their lives unnecessarily miserable. But sometimes, life changes everything and gives individuals who suffered from bullying a chance to get back at their bullies. u/AltruisticCableCar got that chance when their old bully reached out to them on Facebook for some help. The post titled, "I got to throw facts in one of my bullies' face," gained over 7.1k upvotes with 289 comments on the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

The individual kicks off the post by saying that what they did might not "seem like" a big comeback, but it felt very good to them. They wrote, "About ten years ago, I was living my best life and had moved to Japan to study Japanese and I was genuinely having a blast and loved every single part of it." Sometime later, one of their old bullies reached out to them on Facebook after getting to know they live in Japan from social media or someone else.

The bully stuck to a conventional greeting and then asked, "I noticed you live in Japan now and I was wondering if you could help me with x, y and z because I think I'm moving there myself." The individual mentioned that they could have answered the queries easily but decided to get back at them for all the bullying they did. They then replied, pretending not to know them.

The bully replied saying that they had class together for many years in school. The individual jumped at the opportunity and replied, "Oh, right, Amy, I remember. You used to call me fat and called me the R-word a lot. How can I help you?"" The bully was presumably shocked at seeing this message and proceeded to block the individual without giving a reply. The individual felt very good at having confronted them about their hurtful actions.

They wrote, "She spent years calling me horrible names, saying I couldn't ride in normal cars 'cause I was too fat and had to be on the back of trucks and that my clothes were all made out of sheets because I was too fat for normal clothes." They added, "And yeah, she called me our translation of the R-word every chance she got." The individual concluded the post by saying that they chose not to give them the information they'd needed as payback for all the years they suffered from her bullying.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Sweet_Xocolatl
Image Source: Reddit/u/Sweet_Xocolatl


Image Source: Reddit/u/Emily5099
Image Source: Reddit/u/Emily5099

People loved the story and shared their insights in the comments section. u/DazzlingThoughts said, "I find it strange that bullies have a very short memory span of what they said, inflicted, or caused that we carry around for decades. Sounds like you were and are living your best life despite her and her bullying! Kudos!" u/Griffythegriff commented, "Good for you! Good job."

u/wolfie379 suggested, "I would have been tempted to give her incomplete instructions, leaving out one critical step that is checked for when the person arrives in Japan, so she'd be sent home (probably with an adverse note in her file) after spending a pile of money."

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