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Incredible video shows quick-thinking kids spring into action to save their mom after she had a seizure

The internet is all praises for these kids.

Incredible video shows quick-thinking kids spring into action to save their mom after she had a seizure
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/slanky2

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 7, 2023. It has since been updated.

In a video uploaded on Reddit, two kids can be seen jumping into action to help their mom avoid a seizure. We can hear the dad asking the kids to help their mom. The girl quickly springs into action, the boy quickly joining in. At the end of the video, the mom thanks her children for the help. This video on Reddit has garnered over 64K upvotes and 2.7K comments.

Reddit | u/slanky2
Reddit | u/slanky2

One u/huehuehue69_420 commented, "She has absence seizures and the quickest way to get her out of them is to do something physically jarring like smacking her with a pillow or in this case punching her. She’s got a TikTok account where she posts about it." u/Blah-squared wrote, "Thanks so much for the info, have never heard of this…She must experience them quite often I have to assume after seeing how quickly & organized their intervention was & how they reacted so nonchalantly & just got back to business as soon as it was over…My heart goes out to this mother & the entire family…" 

Reddit | u/slanky2
Reddit | u/slanky2

u/cmm-1417 wrote, "Dad is actually in a wheelchair. I spent waaaay too much time watching her videos a few days ago, they're honestly hilarious because she comes out of the seizures just fine and they all joke about it the whole time." u/titanium_6 wrote, "She and her loving husband are on Tiktok and apparently a shocking 'love tap' brings her straight out of her seizures. They use pillows a lot. They are a loving supportive family. They laugh a lot." 

u/wanderingwolfe added, "It's creepy to outsiders, but in truth, it keeps a possibly traumatic situation from becoming worse. Maintain calm. Handle shit. Back to the daily." Whereas, u/sikeleaveamessage wrote, "I don't have seizures but if I did I would appreciate this kind of calmness from people. I feel like id be the type of person to find it embarrassing so the nonchalant-ness of people being like 'Oh, hey sike, you just had a seizure. No worries and going about their day and having it not be a big deal would help me mentally."

Reddit | u/slanky2
Reddit | u/slanky2

u/Leylynx explained some science behind it, "A hit to the sternum can trigger a reaction from the body because of the sudden exhaust. That impulse can bring you out of this PNES state I think. Also, the spraying with water triggers other reactions of the body that can reset the 'malfunction.'" u/kriscrossapplesause wrote, "'We're gonna beat the seizure out of you.' The kids, probably."

One thing is for sure these kids knew how to help their mom and then get back to their usual day without any panic!

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