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Illogical things people believed to be true for years: 'Sir, we are going to need your brain'

The Reddit thread revealed some of the stunning things people believed including donating organs on demand.

Illogical things people believed to be true for years: 'Sir, we are going to need your brain'
Image Source: Reddit

We've all believed a lot of weird stuff growing up, Santa Claus for example. While in hindsight it seems stupid, the moment of realization can be pretty shocking. A Redditor asked the community "What illogical thing did you believe for many years?" and received some quirky and eye-opening responses including tales of mannequin heads crawling the floor to donating organs on demand. Here are some of the best that showed up in the Reddit thread by ItsMeSkylarT

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Mannequin heads crawling the floor
"Whenever I was at the mall as a kid, I asked my older sibling why some mannequins didn't have heads. They told me it was because the mannequin heads were crawling on the ground trying to come and bite my feet. I believed it for a very long time and then became paranoid every time I was at the mall. Whenever I saw a mannequin without a head, it was time to panic," wrote Squeegee54.


Donating organs on demand
"When I first got my license they asked if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said no. Years later a friend of mine asked me why I wasn't a donor and I told them it was because I was afraid they would call me up one day and demand a kidney or part of my liver or something," wrote [deleted]. After laughing their ass off, my friend explained that's not how it works and now I'm an organ donor. Hopefully no one wants my brain because I'm a moron.


Prawns turned into lobsters
"That prawns swam up rivers, got bigger, became crayfish, then eventually migrated back to the ocean to become lobsters. As a kid, mind you," wrote Calumkincaid. 

A dream too real
"When I was six, I went on an airplane for the first time, and I must have fallen asleep and had a dream, without realizing it was a dream. It was a decade later when I realized I couldn't really be angry that my brother got to ride with the pilot, roll the window down and get a cup of cloud, and I didn't, wrote wormboyz.


Santa is an antisemite?
"I believed in Santa until I was about 7 or 8, which isn't that unusual except that I'm Jewish and I thought he was an antisemite because I never got presents on Christmas," wrote
Mall purgatory
"I used to panic every time the store was closing when I was a kid, I thought I'd die if I got locked in a store. Until I realized it would be dope to be stuck in a mall at night," wrote
melancholic_inertia. Another Redditor wrote in response. "I work in retail and one night we'd closed the tills and we're in the process of locking the door when this kid came running out of nowhere. He bolted out of the door and into the parking lot without a word. Sometimes I wonder about that kid and whether he has nightmares about me," wrote Bunny36.

Learning the language of French fries
"When I was four or so (kindergarten), I had a choice to learn either French or Spanish. I thought taking French would give me access to more French fries. My Québécois-born parents were disappointed," commented usuyukisou.

Feeling Alien-ated
"That EVERYBODY, except me, were aliens trying to manipulate me in some kind of experiment. So while I was interacting with someone, they were wearing a "human costume", but when I was far away they would return to their alien body. (I cannot say I 100% don't believe in that anymore)," wrote Samwell_Ka-tet. 

Rabbit poop flavored bread
"When I was really young, one of my friends told me that raisin bread had rabbit poop in it. So I refused to eat raisin bread for years. At some point, the narrative of rabbit poop in bread must have got a little strange because then I convinced myself I just didn't like it. And went with that for 25 years. Until I dated someone who loved raisin bread and tried and it was amazing! No more rabbit poop bread," commented annainpajamas. 

Contagious pregnancy
"When I was a young teen my dad told me that girls can get pregnant from breathing in the air that boys exhale, because particles. I didn’t kiss a boy until junior year of high school and to this day (now in my 20s) I still can’t stand people breathing near my face, which precludes certain cuddling positions, wrote Bungororo.


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