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IKEA pays beautiful tribute to parenthood in ad by taking pride in being 'second best'

The campaign features three video clips showcasing the bond between parents and children, accompanied by the phrase 'Proudly second best.'

IKEA pays beautiful tribute to parenthood in ad by taking pride in being 'second best'
Cover Image Source: Ikea/Ogilvy

IKEA's newest advertising campaign is winning hearts by simply claiming to be the second-best product. Unlike extravagant promotions that focus on showcasing their products, IKEA's recent series of three video clips takes a more understated route. Each clip features a parent and child in various scenarios, accompanied by the words "Proudly second best." This innovative strategy has piqued interest and sparked conversations about the campaign's deeper message, reports




The first clip shows IKEA's crib but it's empty and a kid can be seen peacefully sleeping in her mother's arms and it ends with the tagline, "Proudly second best." The next one highlights IKEA's highchair, again abandoned and the child can be seen sitting on his father's lap and playing with trucks while the screen shows, "Proudly second best." In the last one as well, instead of using a step stool, the kid is standing on his mother's lap to reach the bathroom basin, which concludes with the same tagline, "Proudly second best."




In an era where advertisements often emphasize product-centric messaging, it's refreshing to come across campaigns that take a different approach. IKEA stands out by not making a fuss about its products, opting instead to focus on fostering meaningful connections between parents and children. By highlighting the importance of relationships, the brand effectively communicates its core values, going beyond mere product promotion.


An IKEA spokesperson said, "Humility is a value that lives in the heart of our brand." "Placing parents as the first choice for their children reflects this core belief. It doesn't matter if we are second only to the parents, we are actually proud of it. Through this campaign, we hope to spread this brand value and celebrate parenthood across several channels."


The effectiveness of this ad campaign lies in the brand's deep understanding of its customers, particularly the parent demographic. IKEA recognizes that parents purchase a wide range of products for their children, including cribs, beds, stools and high chairs. However, the underlying message conveyed by IKEA is that no product can surpass the significance of a parent in a child's life. In essence, the campaign aims to inspire customers to invest in IKEA products as a means of enhancing their family's well-being and value. The campaign is the work of agencies like DAVID Madrid and INGO Hamburg and it was actually made for the Al-Futtaim IKEA in the United Arab Emirates, according to

Image Source: Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan
Image Source: Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan

Many on Twitter appreciated IKEA for its recent ad campaign. @jdosmith commented, "Absolutely adore this 'Second Best' idea for parents from IKEA." @awlilnatty wrote, "Ikea’s celebration of being the second-best place in a household, has to be one of the most original insights I’ve seen executed in years." @ScottTheAmazing shared, "This is why AI will never replace us. Beautiful and creative." @simpleisprofit expressed, "Honesty in marketing...I'm impressed." @dodojewski said, "It honestly took me a minute but now I‘m absolutely in love with it!" @itsasawari wrote, "Absolutely love this, the idea of not directly selling but coming as a suggestion and savior in times of need." 


Watch the full video here:


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