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If you visit a Florida beach and break stay-at-home orders, prepare to meet the Grim Reaper

Inspired by New Zealand's "Swim Reaper," Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder will hit the state's beaches to ward off eager beachgoers putting public health at risk.

If you visit a Florida beach and break stay-at-home orders, prepare to meet the Grim Reaper
Image Source: iamtheswimreaper / Instagram

When the outbreak first hit the United States, spring breakers and other tourists were still visiting Florida's beaches. Granted, this was way before the local government issued a strict stay-at-home directive. Nonetheless, large gatherings cause a spike in the number of Coronavirus cases. Therefore, we all play a part in "flattening the curve" by staying at home and self-isolating. Despite recent orders from Governor Ron DeSantis to remain at home - with several Floridians even requesting that the order be extended - some people reportedly still plan to hit the beach in the near future, disregarding public health and safety. Thankfully, Florida lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder has plans to step in and frighten away any beachgoers. If you head to one of Florida's beaches, you may just hear from the Grim Reaper - literally. The lawyer has committed to dressing up as the infamous character and hanging out at beaches to ward off any Cov-idiots who plan to break the statewide stay-at-home order.


Uhlfelder announced his decision on April 22 via a post on Twitter. Sharing an image clicked by the user Iamtheswimreaper on Instagram, he stated, "Many of you have asked if I am willing to travel around Florida wearing Grim Reaper attire to the beaches and other areas of the state opening up prematurely. The answer is absolutely yes. Beginning May 1 we will hit the road here in [the] state. Please retweet and spread the word." The image features the Grim Reaper sitting on a lifeguard's post and overlooking beachgoers. The photograph was originally clicked and posted to Instagram in 2017.



In follow-up tweets, the lawyer reassured, "We will use this as a campaign to ensure people know the importance of staying home while supporting Democrats running for federal office including Matt Gaetz opponent Democrat Phil Ehr and Democrat Christy Smith running in a special election May 12." He added that any funds raised through the campaign would be used "to contribute directly to federal candidates between now and May 1." He plans to raise at least $20,000. Uhlfelder also notified everyone that all the Grim Reaper attire had been ordered; if all goes to plan, he'll be hitting the road next week. As of early morning Thursday, he had already managed to raise over $3,500.



Needless to say, people loved the idea. One user, responding to tweets, wrote, "Finally... A Florida Man worth following. Brilliant, dude." Another had a message of warning: "That’s absolutely awesome. Please be safe while on tour. I mean, not from [Coronavirus] but from the hordes of ignorant folk who may wish to cause you harm." While Uhlfelder is yet to hit the beach yet, there's sure to be many laughs from his "awareness campaign." Seeing as he shared an image of New Zealand's "Swim Reaper," he was also obviously inspired by the country's water safety campaign. The Swim Reaper initiative was launched as a way to remind New Zealand beachgoers that swimming dumb could mean you're done for. The Florida lawyer has definitely repurposed the idea for yet another good cause. To donate to his campaign, visit his fundraiser here.



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