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If you buy a 'F*ck Trump' lipstick this week, you can help the Black Lives Matter movement

Makeup brand Lipslut's liquid lipstick is more than just a pop of color to your look - it's a powerful way to flash Trump the middle finger and empower black communities.

If you buy a 'F*ck Trump' lipstick this week, you can help the Black Lives Matter movement
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Have you ever wanted your makeup to be loud and powerful? Have you wanted it to make a statement? Well, you don't have to look any further than makeup brand Lipslut's 'F*ck Trump' liquid lipstick. The product was first crafted as a way to stick it to the orange man. However, due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the country, the company has decided to step up their game. If you purchase one of their 'F*ck Trump' lipsticks right now, 100 percent of the earnings the brand makes will be donated to organizations that support black communities in the United States.



The liquid lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free. In addition to these claims, the product is also "100 percent against tyranny." The product description reads, "F*ck Trump matte liquid lipstick is a balanced, mid-tone rosy pink... Finally, a lipstick as bold as you." Evidently, Lipslut is more than just a makeup brand. Like several companies that have come forward to actually put in the work to dismantle systemic racism, this firm is going above and beyond what we would expect a company to in order to make sure everyone is accepted in the United States. In an interview, Katie Sones, the founder of Lipslut, said that her company's mission is to fight injustice.




"Lipslut is beauty meets activism," she stated. "Our mission is, and always will be, to empower people to fight the issues affecting their communities. To see change, we must fight against these issues together — even those of us who are not directly affected. I believe we are all responsible if we are to make progress. Aside from contributing funds to help, I hope that Lipslut's platform and community can work towards educating and informing Americans about the reality of how our fellow citizens are treated." With this in mind, Lipslut updated their product description. It presently reads, "This week, we’re donating 100 percent of earnings sitewide to organizations that support the black community. Select 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' when adding to cart."



If you haven't already rushed over to their website to get your hands on this anti-fascist, empowering liquid lipstick, you should know it's more than just a pop of color. It sends a message. The lipstick is made using an "unconventional, long-wearing formula" which results in "a buildable, strong, matte finish" when you apply it. More than that, it's a great way to flash the middle finger at a man who has done little more than further divide the country along racial lines.



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