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Ideal employee emerges victorious after boss wrongfully fires them on the grounds of 'misconduct'

A perfect employee faces unjust termination over alleged misconduct and they get the justice by filing a case and winning it.

Ideal employee emerges victorious after boss wrongfully fires them on the grounds of 'misconduct'
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio, (R) Reddit/u/kiki-to-my-jiji

It is natural for most employees to want regular raises as it gives them an incentive to stay at a company and perform well. But sometimes, things go awry when one asks for a raise, which seemed to be the case for u/kiki-to-my-jiji who got fired by their employer on the grounds of "misconduct," even though they were a fantastic worker. The post titled, "After almost a year of being gaslit — I won" has gained an impressive 5.2K upvotes and 328 comments on the site.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau

The individual shares how they approached their employer to ask for a raise, after finding out that the woman he had hired to replace them would be making more than them. They had asked for a raise many times over four years of working at the company and the employer denied it every time by saying that there was no money in the budget. They write, "I asked to speak with my employer about it and he fired me on the spot over the phone." He spoke quite harshly, saying, "Get out of my office. I never want to look at you again."

This severely affected the individual as they were quite close to their manager, so his sudden change in behavior proved to be quite shocking. Their mental health was severely affected as they prided themselves on being a "dependable employee." Therefore, being fired eroded their sense of self. They share, "I've spent an embarrassing amount of time this year just fully disassociating and crying." The individual also mentions how they could not claim any unemployment benefits as they were fired due to misconduct.

They decided to fight back and filed an appeal with the labor board in the month of February. The individual had their hearing the previous month and the board ruled in their favor. They write, "The judge saw right through my employer and his tricks. The way he was trying to throw me under the bus and disparage my character." The written decision repeatedly affirmed how the employer had been in the wrong.

The individual expressed gratefulness for the final verdict but felt more happy that it had removed any sense of self-doubt that they previously had. They write, "I’m not a terrible employee. I’m not a waste of space. I’m not unemployable. I’m not a mean person. I’m a good person who got taken advantage of." Other users on the platform provided their own helpful suggestions in the comments section.


Image Source: Reddit/u/RemoteBroccoli
Image Source: Reddit/u/RemoteBroccoli


Image Source: Reddit/u/WishboneBeautiful875
Image Source: Reddit/u/WishboneBeautiful875

u/MARRASKONE said, "Hopefully from now on you don't build any faith, hope and your self-esteem on your employers or boss. Those have to come from within, not from others. Everyone is replaceable in the workforce." u/dobdob2121 shared, "You are not responsible for your boss's words or behavior. If you are a good employee, then you are a good employee. Your boss's opinion is just one opinion and your boss is a flawed person to begin with." u/spacecadet2023 commented, "You’re a hero! Good luck to you and your future endeavors!"

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