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ICU nurse calls out late teen's anti-vax parents for forbidding doctors from intubating her

She also revealed that the teen's wasn't the only life claimed by COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the anti-vaccination movement that night.

ICU nurse calls out late teen's anti-vax parents for forbidding doctors from intubating her
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@Jessicam6946

A frustrated nurse turned to Twitter following a devastating day at work where four patients succumbed to COVID-19 during a single shift. Remembering a promising 14-year-old who aspired to be a veterinarian, Twitter user @Jessicam6946 revealed that the young woman died under her care after the teen's parents forbid doctors from intubating her. "Tonight I helplessly held the hand of and stroked the hair of a beautiful 14-year-old girl as she exited this world. She was looking forward to starting high school and eventually becoming a veterinarian," tweeted Jessica, who is a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit.


"It was so senseless! I truly believe she could have been saved if her parents had not forbidden us from intubating her," she continued. "A free vaccination would have prevented it all! This little girl was robbed of her whole life and of fulfilling all of her dreams. She had been with us [for nine] days and was able to communicate well until taking a turn for the worse yesterday." Jessica went on to explain that the teen wasn't the only life claimed by COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the anti-vaccination movement that night.


"About two hours later we were unable to save a 25-year-old mother of one who was 15 weeks pregnant. She had refused the vaccines because of the lies about them causing infertility and harming her baby. Liars killed her, her baby, and robbed a 2-year-old little boy of his mommy and sibling. Not to mention robbing a husband of his wife and child," she lamented. "Those were two of four deaths we had tonight with the oldest being 45 years old! It was the 1st time since late March we have lost more than 3 covid patients in a single shift."


The day got much worse for the devastated healthcare workers when they received news of a hate crime. "Then we find out this morning a coworker had two of her tires cut in one of our employee parking lots overnight! Fortunately, security caught [them] and was able to detain the a**hole until police arrived and took him into custody," she tweeted. Jessica ended her Twitter rant by slamming former President Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Robert Kennedy Jr. for the parts they played in fuelling the anti-vax movement and spread of misinformation during the pandemic. 


"F**k the big orange buffoon, DeSantis, Facebook, Fox News, anti-vaxxers, [MAGAs], Dr. Mercola, Robert Kennedy Jr, all parents who believe these killers over proven science and ALL other killers who spread anti-vaccine lies. I can't deal with people right now," she concluded. Over 3000 Twitter users have commented on the thread since it was posted earlier this month. Many shared their outrage over the number of unnecessary deaths caused by misinformation about the pandemic and the long-awaited vaccines. "I can't take this. I'm crying so hard. Children are innocent. Parents, TV personalities, and politicians should never put their judgments, ego, greed in front of a child's life. There's no grey area. You are either proactive in their health or you are a murderer," tweeted @ursusduras.


"I was fortunate enough to hold my sister's hand as she was in her final hours before passing early this year. Unfortunately, she didn't have the option of a vaccine as it wasn't quite out yet when she contracted COVID in November. It angers me that people are not getting them," commented @dball70. "This frightens me beyond words. My daughter (18-weeks pregnant) refuses the vaccine and only wears a kerchief in public. She has a 3-year-old daughter and a husband. I sent her a screenshot of your tweet. Maybe fear will light a fire in her to take this seriously," tweeted @Vicky00989114.

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