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'I lived in your tummy then I died': Mom shocked as 4-yr-old remembers miscarriage before he was born

When her son Luca seemed to know she had had a miscarriage before he was born, mom Laura decided to probe further. The conversation that followed changed how she saw her son.

'I lived in your tummy then I died': Mom shocked as 4-yr-old remembers miscarriage before he was born

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Sometimes, those things can be hilarious. Other times, though, the things they say sound like they've been pulled right out of a horror movie. When Laura Mazza's four-year-old Luca seemed to remember a miscarriage she suffered before he was born, something they had never spoken about before, she took to social media platform Facebook to share the strange conversation they had. Needless to say, the mother was left absolutely stunned, as were the thousands of people who read about the rather creepy exchange.


Laura shared in her post, alluding to her miscarriage: Before I was pregnant with Luca, I had heavy bleeding. I remember having a positive pregnancy test and then a few days later, bad pains and a heavy period. I wasn’t sure what it was, and only now that I’m wiser I have an idea. I got pregnant with Luca pretty much straight away. A miscarriage is, of course, a terrible experience for anyone. The fact that Laura was able to get pregnant with Luca was perhaps the silver lining in an otherwise sad story. Given the circumstances of her pregnancy and Luca's personality, the mother explained that she had a little inkling about the four-year-old.


She continued: I knew Luca had walked this earth before. I could just tell [by] the way he looked, like a little old man. He’s always been wise and said some really funny things, sang along to old songs that he wouldn’t have heard in his four-year-old life. But tonight, in the bath, he said something that really shocked me and made me truly believe he is an old soul. He said, “Mommy, do we live in Australia?” I said, “Yep, we do! We live in Australia...” And he said, “I didn’t. I lived in your tummy...” And I said, “Yeah, you did, but now you live in Australia.” And he said, “Yes, mommy, I lived in your tummy... I was there, but then I died.


If that didn't send shivers up your spine and give you goosebumps all over, we don't know what will. Sure, children say some silly things, but this left the mother rightly stunned. After all, there was no way her four-year-old could've learned about her miscarriage elsewhere. So, like any mother would, Laura decided to probe a little more. She went on: I was shocked, and I said, “What do you mean, you’re right here!” He said, “No mommy, I came to your tummy and then I died. I went looking for you but I couldn’t find you. I went to your house, I went everywhere, but you couldn’t hear me when I called you, so then I was sad, but then I became an angel. I missed you so I wanted to come back to you so then I was a baby in your tummy again and then I was born again. I wasn’t in heaven, I was in Australia. and then I was your baby again... And now I’m happy I am your baby again and I’m happy I can grow up now.”


As someone who never discussed angels or heaven with her son, Laura was deeply moved. She wrote: I just stared at him and cried. I’ve never had a conversation with him ever about angels or anything like that. Our babies know who they want to be their mommas long before we know they exist. Proof that they really do choose us and their souls are always with us in this life or the next. Those who read about her conversation were similarly touched. Jean Strohm commented: Currently going through my third miscarriage and sweet Luca’s words are just going straight to my soul this morning. Our babies are real and loved no matter how little they are when we lose them. I’m so thankful Luca found his way back to you. Linda Ryan added: Oh wow, what an amazing story to hear you were meant to be his momma no matter what. This melts my heart. Just goes to show that our little ones probably know a lot more than they let on.


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