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Supportive husband leaves heartwarming notes on pregnancy tests for partner battling infertility

Wanting to make the process a little less nerve-wracking for them, the Reddit user's husband came up with a heartwarming gesture of support.

Supportive husband leaves heartwarming notes on pregnancy tests for partner battling infertility
Cover Image Source: Reddit/killaqueenmac

Little is spoken about the far-reaching effects infertility can have on a person's life. From affecting their relationship with family and friends to negatively impacting a couple's sexual and emotional well-being and putting them under a lot of financial strain when pursuing treatment, infertility can be very stressful for those who want biological children. Reddit user killaqueenmac recently gave members of the r/MadeMeSmile community a brief glimpse of what it's like for individuals battling infertility when they shared a heartwarming post about how their husband has supported them through this stressful journey.


The Reddit user shared that they experience crippling anxiety when it comes to testing for pregnancy after having gone through several that showed them nothing but false results. "After battling infertility for over two years and one ectopic pregnancy, I have crippling testing anxiety," they revealed. Wanting to make the process a little less nerve-wracking and exhausting for them, the Reddit user's husband came up with a heartwarming gesture to let them know that he was thinking of them and that they have his full support no matter what the test results turn out to be.

Cover Image Source: Reddit/killaqueenmac
Image Source: Reddit/killaqueenmac

"Last time I pulled out my pregnancy tests, I found a surprise from my wonderfully, supportive husband. He left uplifting messages on them to make the process easier," u/killaqueenmac wrote, sharing an image of two pregnancy tests on which their husband had stuck affirmative messages of love and support. "Take a deep breath... We're gonna get through this," read the message on one while the other stated: "I get that I get to build a family with someone as amazing as you. We got this!" The Reddit user's post touched the hearts of many online and several members of the r/MadeMeSmile community responded to the post with messages of appreciation for the supportive husband.


"I’m sorry to hear about your infertility issues, but it sounds like you chosen the perfect partner," wrote kbeckerburbs4. "You have an amazing partner," commented AnonFoodie. "Boy is he a keeper! My very best to you in building your family," shared jentlyused. "Having suffered from mild testing anxiety, my heart goes out to you. Wishing you & your partner the best in your journey to parenthood," wrote Easy-Life4475. The post also sparked an important discussion about the anxiety and stress that comes with infertility as one Reddit user, u/TheJimpsons, asked what the OP (original poster) meant by "testing anxiety."


u/Easy-Life4475 responded to the query first, writing: "You desperately want a baby but all the previous tests have been negative. The last time you succeeded, you lost the baby. Now as you wait for this test's results, your stomach does flips and it gets hard to breathe. You count down the seconds while trying to distract yourself. This is my personal experience and I'm sure it's a bit different for everyone. Hopefully, it answered your question." u/TheJimpsons responded with a follow-up question, writing: "Yeah I can kind of understand that, but that's not really within a person's control. Yes, the whole 'trying for a kid' is under your control but not much else really is. What's the point of being anxious about something you don't really control?"

OP answered their query this time, writing: "I had that point of view for a long time, but when you want something so badly and keep getting denied, eventually each negative becomes soul-crushing. I began to feel defective myself." Here's wishing u/killaqueenmac and their supportive husband all the best in their parenthood journey.

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