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Husband's one simple act when approached by a random woman won him the award of 'biggest green flag'

The man made an impromptu gesture that showed his love for his wife more than any big gift would.

Husband's one simple act when approached by a random woman won him the award of 'biggest green flag'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @solarekeshishian

Sometimes a simple gesture from a partner can mean much more than all the gifts combined in the world. It can warm a person's heart and make them feel all fuzzy inside. An impromptu act that a woman's husband did has made the internet pronounce him as the greenest flag. In a video posted by Solare, who goes by @solarekeshishian on TikTok, the husband's gesture showed that he has eyes only for his wife.

Image Source: TikTok | @solarekeshishian
Image Source: TikTok | @solarekeshishian

The video's text overlay read, "My husband and his friend were just trying to play wrestle when a random girl on the next floatie thought she could join in." The video features the two men trying to wrestle each other and drag the other person down on the floatie. They were completely in their own world pulling and pushing each other when a girl from a floatie next to them came rushing onto their floatie. Two more women who were probably the woman's friends were still sitting at their places watching the scene unfold. She tried to push the creator's husband and join in on whatever the two were doing, but she fell.

Image Source: TikTok | @solarekeshishian
Image Source: TikTok | @solarekeshishian

However, she stubbornly got up again and tried to hold and push the man. At this point, the man seemed to have had enough and without a second thought pushed the woman straight into the water as the video ended. The wife captioned the post, "He said 'absolutely not, ma'am'." The video received over 14 million views and 2.4 million likes. People took to the comments section of the video to comment on the event.

Image Source: TikTok | @danial_kaoru
Image Source: TikTok | @danial_kaoru
Image Source: TikTok | @osmpossm
Image Source: TikTok | @osmpossm

@courtneynh2727 commented, "The fact that he didn’t move an inch when she hit him and then he effortlessly tossed her has me HOWLING." People pointed out how this would have been a bigger issue if the roles were reversed. @nzznem wrote, "If a man suddenly tries to wrestle me in the middle of me having fun with friends… yeah I would be disgusted." @professionalfee remarked, "Omg? That was so satisfying to watch and trust me I got embarrassed sitting in Europe. Like I wouldn’t get out of the water ever, lol." @gibut24 shared, "This is how I expect my man to act when a random girl says hi to him." @greypaguilar pointed out, "If he’s not like this, I don’t want him."

In another similar story, a man kept his haircut a secret in his hilarious ways to surprise his bride on their wedding day. The woman named Cara Scottile, who goes by @carascottile on Instagram, posted the journey comprising of over-the-top wigs and the eventual surprise in a hilariously heartwarming video. The man Mike Scar wanted to plan a beautiful and memorable surprise for Scottile. So when he got a haircut a few days before their wedding, he wore multiple hilarious wigs to conceal his new look. The first wig was a blonde short one with thick hair. He also wore a red and black wig with shoulder-length hair, long white hair and a long beard.

The man effortlessly donned all of these looks even in multiple public places with utmost confidence. Finally, the video revealed the man's actual haircut in the couple's wedding video where the man sported a neat black haircut. The man definitely received a perfect score for both playfulness and effort as he tried to surprise his wife.

You can follow Solare (@solarekeshishian) on TikTok for more lifestyle content.

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