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Husband sparks hilarious discussion online by seeking advice to convince wife not to get more cups

The man turned to Reddit for advice on what he could do to convince his coffee cup-loving wife that they have enough cups for a lifetime in their home.

Husband sparks hilarious discussion online by seeking advice to convince wife not to get more cups
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Emre Can Acer | (R) Reddit | u/TiberiusClackus

Many of us love collecting specific items. For some, it's postal stamps, coins or seashells. For others, it's comic books, baseball caps, toys or trading cards. And then there are those who feel they can never have enough coffee cups. A good coffee cup can go a long way in sparking a tiny bit of glimmer in one's day and when there are so many different types and designs of these delightful vessels, how is one supposed to spot a particularly fun coffee mug and simply walk away?

One man married to someone who practices the art of amassing coffee cups recently took to Reddit for some advice. "How do you convince your wife that you have all the coffee cups you’ll ever need until both of you are dead?" u/TiberiusClackus asked the r/AskMen community.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow

The "distraught" husband's query struck a relatable chord for men who've at some point in their lives wondered why their partners need a lifetime supply of cups at home. Hundreds of Reddit users came together to provide hilarious and useful responses to this person's problems. First and foremost, u/deadliftbrosef urged the husband to reflect on whether it's worth going down that path with his wife. "You ask yourself if this is a battle worth fighting," they advised. The original poster admitted that it's probably not the best idea.

Some others suggested the husband embrace the endless supply of cups and build his wife a shelf to safely display her coffee mug collection on. Meanwhile, others reminded the husband that it could've been worse. "You thank the lord it isn’t pillows and move on," shared one Reddit user.

u/TheLandFanIn814 shared a relatable scenario: "We have an entire cabinet of just coffee cups. I do not drink coffee and she has one cup a day during the weekend. She uses the same cup on both days."

Meanwhile u/Positive_Judgment581 brought some practical advice into the mix by suggesting that he try and get his wife to agree that her collection habit doesn't necessarily have to be about collecting kitchen dishes. Another Reddit user, u/_MrJones, left a lengthy response to it and wrote: "Yep. I had this talk recently about her coffee cup hoarding collection. I told her that these seem to be really important to you and I can see that they bring you joy. But there's just too many of them in this spot and I'm struggling to not break them on accident. Maybe we can figure out a dedicated place to display them? The wife said that it makes her happy. So I said 'meantime, can you take out 3 or 4 of the cups that don't bring as much joy so we can find a new place for them?'"

This person reminded everyone that shaming a person for their love of collecting something doesn't really work and instead, we should word our thoughts carefully in a way that would be easier for them to accept.

On the other hand, u/AllAfterIncinerators suggested an amusing approach. They joked: "Double down. Every time she buys new mugs, you buy new mugs. Let the mugs take over the dish cabinet. Let them fill up the counters. Buy increasingly obnoxious mugs. See who breaks first." One Reddit user even snarkily suggested the husband break most of her cups and lie about it being an accident.

Image Source: Reddit | u/reefer_drabness
Image Source: Reddit | u/reefer_drabness
Image Source: Reddit | u/GrayBox1313
Image Source: Reddit | u/GrayBox1313

u/313Wolverine commented: "I had this problem. I solved it by taking the least used mugs, wrapping them in paper or bubble wrap and packing them away in a box." u/analogliving71 added: "Don't convince. You will lose that fight. Just do what I do and slowly but surely get rid of excess mugs one at a time." The original poster thought it was a good idea indeed and replied: "I got these two animal figurine mugs in my cross hairs, the kind that is impossible to clean properly and probably grow mold in the snout and ears. Yeah, their days are numbered."

Image Source: Reddit | u/the_bird_and_the_bee
Image Source: Reddit | u/the_bird_and_the_bee

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