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'How To DAD' recreates his first video after eight years with his daughter and it is hilarious

The man called the new ways of holding a baby a 'poor man's front pack' and 'hide your beer belly.' He was almost breathless at this point in the clip.

'How To DAD' recreates his first video after eight years with his daughter and it is hilarious
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/spontanemoose

The famous YouTuber Jordan Watson behind the channel "How to Dad" re-created his first video - "How to Hold a Baby" - with his daughter after about eight years and it is too fun to miss. "Today we thought we will revisit that video and try to remake it," says Watson at the beginning of the video. He first picks up her daughter and says, "Baby" just like the old video. He then holds her and says, "Standard shoulder hold" and then goes on to hold her in his arms and says, 'Baby Jesus.'

Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose
Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose


Next, he picks his daughter and first says, "Stinky nappy for me" and then "Stinky nappy for you," both of them can be seen laughing at this moment. After which he holds the baby as if she is a box of beers and later a dance partner. Following this, he holds her as if she is a bird on a wire and she makes the noise, "Tweet tweet." While holding his daughter, he finds it difficult as she is no longer a baby.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose
Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose


He calls the next ways of holding a baby a "poor man's front pack" and "hide ya beer belly." He is almost breathless at this point in the video. The last ways of holding a baby include "the show off to the other dads' superman," "the show off to other kids fish." He can be seen making her fly like Superman and then while making her fly makes her legs move like a fish. He concludes, "No babies were harmed in the making of this video."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose
Image Source: Reddit/u/Spontanemoose


The hilarious video already has more than 38 thousand upvotes on Reddit. It is captioned, "How to Dad remakes his first video with his kiddo." Many on the social media platform loved the father-daughter moments. u/TRUEequalsFALSE commented, "This has got to be one of the most wholesome things I've seen in a while." u/Firebrat wrote, "Her 'Tweet Tweet' for the 'bird on the wire' part got me. Very sweet." u/Moxson82 expressed, "How cute! I hope they have a great relationship like this forever!" u/FSpursy pointed out, "Oh man, I remember the first time I saw this video. He was funny so I started following him since then. How time flies!" u/eggchickennoodles said, "A core memory for the daughter right there. Now she knows how her father recorded the first video. This made me smile, adorable!"

Jordan Watson's YouTube channel began when his partner went out with their eldest daughter and left him with their four-month-old child. He grabbed his camera and posted the video, "How to Hold a Baby" online. He tagged his friends on Facebook and went to bed, according to The Guardian

Image Source: Reddit/ u/nsgkar
Image Source: Reddit/ u/nsgkar


The next day, he kept getting notifications from YouTube: 50k, 100k, 150k. So he went on to make a few more videos and then, there was no looking back. “I’m just a typical Kiwi dad. Kind of taken to the extreme in the DIY style,” said Watson. He added that he cannot plan these viral videos. “I just think if I find it funny and it’s a laugh for parents, it ticks the right boxes,” said the dad. 

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Watson said that whenever he makes a video he's only thinking of that archetypal, rough-around-the-edges, DIY dad. “It’s ingrained in all of us now,” he said. “As soon as the camera turns on I must be just doing that classic Kiwi humor.” He said that mostly when he is filming his kids are in their best moods and he is very much like any other dad. "I’m like every other parent, having sleepless nights or trying to grit my teeth when they’re trying to draw on the walls. But the videos, I remind myself and they’re there to remind all parents, that you’ve got to sometimes step back and have a bit of a giggle,” said Watson.

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