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Hospital staff lines up to give a heartwarming farewell to ER doctor retiring after 47 years

The impact he had on his colleagues and friends was evident during his farewell as they lined up to bid him a heartfelt goodbye.

Hospital staff lines up to give a heartwarming farewell to ER doctor retiring after 47 years
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @ruhs_em_residency

Some people definitely deserve a special farewell, especially if they have served the organization for over 40 years and have worked hard to earn people's respect and love. Dr. Naftael, an emergency room doctor at the RUHS EM Residency is definitely one of them, and it can be seen in the way his colleagues and friends greet and cheer him after his last shift at the medical center. In a video posted on Instagram by @ruhs_em_residency, Dr. Naftel can be seen walking down the corridor smiling and waving goodbye to everyone.

Image Source: Instagram/ @ruh_em_residency
Image Source: Instagram | @ruh_em_residency

The heartfelt appreciation and admiration he has earned from his colleagues and friends are palpable as they stand along the way, giving him a well-deserved standing ovation. The genuine love and respect they hold for Dr. Naftael are evident in the way they approach him, offering handshakes and expressing their heartfelt gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the medical center. Each handshake and interaction is filled with sincere affection and admiration for the impact he has made in their lives and in the medical community. As Dr. Naftael makes his way through the crowd of colleagues, his fellow staffers create an atmosphere of celebration and joy by clapping and cheering for him.

Image Source: Instagram/ @ruh_em_residency
Image Source: Instagram | @ruh_em_residency

The video went viral with over 43k views and 4k likes. It is captioned, "His last shift after 47 years of service. A living legend! Happy Retirement Dr. Naftel!" People congratulated the doctor for his service. @ecsmith28 expressed, "That’s great. Serious legend. He taught us the finer points of emergency medicine." @annielau_2766 said, "Happy retirement, Dr Naftel! That’s a great achievement. 47 years of service. Throughout the 47 years, you must have saved countless lives and helped patients cope with their pain and suffering by minimizing their pain and speeding up recoveries.

Those gripping moments of you working tirelessly to save your patients you would never forget. Now, have a good retirement, sir and enjoy more happy family bonding moments with your loved ones. All the best." @escotobecca wrote, "Thank you for all the teaching and mentoring Dr. Naftel!! I am a better clinician for it." @bonkey.khong said, "What a legend! Thanks for all you’ve taught us, Dr. Naftel!" He surely seems like a person who was a mentor and inspired many to do well.

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Like doctors, teachers too invest a lot in their students and it remains with them for a lifetime. A teacher retired from a school after 35 years and his students and colleagues did clap and cheer for him on the last day. The teacher waved and thanked everyone and he also looks quite emotional in a video posted by @GoodNewsMVT. He first walks through a room full of people and then climbs stairs to again find students there. All of them are seen cheering for him. It concludes with the teacher exiting from the room. There is a sense of gratitude that the kids have toward the teacher. 

The video is captioned, "After 35 years of teaching, this 5th-grade teacher retires and receives a beautiful tribute from students and co-workers." The teacher described this emotional farewell by saying, “I grabbed my bag and when I stepped out the door I saw that 'boy'. There, a whole movie played in my head, of the 35 years I spent in the classroom."


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