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Hospital celebratres premature baby's graduation from NICU and it's so adorable: 'Warrior'

The little munchkin was dressed in a black graduation uniform. As soon as he was taken out of the NICU, nurses shed tears of joy.

Hospital celebratres premature baby's graduation from NICU and it's so adorable: 'Warrior'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ @mcg_neonatology_au

Having a premature child can be a difficult time for parents. The newborn has to be kept in the hospital for days or sometimes, even months until they are fit enough to be taken home. That's why when they are discharged, the occasion calls for a celebration, which is exactly what a hospital did for a premature baby who had spent months in neonatal care. They called it the graduation ceremony from the NICU. In the video posted on Instagram by MCG Neonatology, the child named Lincoln Leblanc can be seen being brought out from the ward on his hospital bed wearing a black graduation gown and a cap. The parents seem quite happy that finally, the day has arrived. Then one of the hospital staff gives a small speech to the little one. She is also wearing a black and green gown with a cap.

Image Source: Instagram/ @mcg_neonatology_au
Image Source: Instagram/ @mcg_neonatology_au


She reads, “Lincoln Leblanc was born at 26 weeks gestation, weighing just 2 pounds and 3 ounces. He is graduating today weighing 9 pounds after spending 104 days in the NICU, he is now 3 months old. NICU babies are true survivors, they show us the power of faith and fight of the human spirit, they are the embodiment of perseverance.”

The staff continues, “When he was born, Lincoln was the second baby in our unit. The first 24 hours were very tenuous. And I remember those first 24 hours vividly because I myself and the attending ward worked around the clock to stabilize him. Lincoln has battled through all the ups and downs of being a premie, we have all cheered him on as he has reached milestone after milestone. We are all so proud of him, and now it is time for the next milestone. Congratulations Lincoln on your graduation from the NICU!” The hospital staff and the parents can be seen applauding for LeBlanc and he slowly moves up one of his hands.

Image Source: Instagram/ @mcg_neonatology_au
Image Source: Instagram/ @mcg_neonatology_au


The video went viral with about 3.4 million views and is captioned, "Another week, another NICU graduation! This little one sure had a rough start, but proved to be quite the little fighter and headed home today! So excited we could be part of this family’s journey." No point in guessing that the clip warmed the hearts of social media users. "Absolutely precious (red heart icon)," commented melissasbypassjourney while biodunshoyinka wrote: "So beautiful to watch."

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Parenting is a job that is filled with lots of memorable moments. One of them is naming the child. A lot of parents spend a great time choosing the right name for their child. But a woman and her husband @hairbycarlyk, didn't take much time to name their son after her dad. She posted a video revealing to her father that her son’s name is “Lawson Leonard Kriser,” in which “Leonard” is her dad’s name.

Image Source: TikTok | @hairbycarlyk
Image Source: TikTok | @hairbycarlyk


As her dad comes to visit her, she hands the child into his hands. While her dad and son are on the sofa, the woman gives him the details about his birth certificate, more specifically, that the son has been named after him. She says, “It’s Lawson Leonard Kriser.” Listening to this, the father seems shocked and asks, “Are you serious?” She responds, “Yup that’s his name, Dad.” He starts crying while holding the baby and looking at everybody around.

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