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Homeless man leaves bittersweet note with five adorable puppies at an animal shelter's doorstep

He found these puppies stranded after a storm and wanted them to have a better chance at life at the shelter.

Homeless man leaves bittersweet note with five adorable puppies at an animal shelter's doorstep
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

As one grows up, we realize just how harsh and unforgiving the world can be. From such a perspective, it can be difficult to hope for acts of kindness. However, there are still people who are kind and put in extra effort to make the world a better place. Fayetteville Animal Protection Society shared a bittersweet story on Facebook about a homeless man who left puppies at their doorstep with a handwritten note. The post has amassed 1.8K likes and 267 comments on the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes

The post begins by revealing how the organization came across the puppies right after a storm had gone through their area. They write, "The story is a testament to the kindness that still exists in the world, even in the most challenging times." It goes on to reveal how a homeless man had brought the puppies to an animal shelter even though he had difficulties of his own. The nameless man had left a note stating how he often fed the mother of the puppies and had discovered that she had died after being hit by a car.

He knew from feeding her that she had puppies and found them after searching for some time. An excerpt from the emotional letter reads, "I'm sorry for leaving them like this, but I myself am homeless and cannot afford to care for them. My heart shatters for them and their mother." The man mentions how he wants the puppies to have a better chance at survival, unlike their mother, who died tragically. He also reveals how it felt wrong to leave them alone in the cold, waiting for their mother.

The shelter commended the man for his kind action and mentioned how it would not go unnoticed. They clarified that the puppies were too young to be adopted. The team would focus on vaccinating, deworming and microchipping them to make sure they became ready for adoption. The post concluded by stating how a story of heartache could potentially become more positive.


Image Source: Facebook | Cindy Jackson Collins
Image Source: Facebook | Cindy Jackson Collins
Image Source: Facebook | Nate Cline
Image Source: Facebook | Nate Cline

People were in awe of the story and shared their thoughts about it in the comments section. Strong Elizabeth said, "I'm in tears. I hope this sweet man is warm tonight. He is an angel on Earth and deserves so much more. I hope he has a guardian angel." Shelly Williams Legg suggested, "This man, a canine hero, has a love of animals. Maybe if he stops in to check on the puppies, you can offer him some work so he can improve his life now."


Joanna Bellini pointed out, "Wow, that man is extremely well written. Makes me wonder what his story is. I hope kindness finds him for his good deed. Wish we could find him and do a fundraiser." The shelter made a follow-up post sharing that the puppies that the homeless man had dropped were given names. The five puppies were named Fortune, Kismet, Chance, Fate and Serendipity. They also mention how they had not received any communication from the homeless man but that they hoped he would come forward.

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