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This holiday advert with a beautiful twist about love and acceptance will move you to tears

It starts with a grandfather trying to learn how to do makeup and ends with a beautiful and emotional twist.

This holiday advert with a beautiful twist about love and acceptance will move you to tears
Cover Image Source: Youtube/J&B Spain

The advertising industry has exponentially expanded over the last few years. No sector is untouched by its effects and it is often also used as a powerful tool to spread social messages. One recent example of this is a new ad for J&B Whiskey which is moving everyone to tears. The festive ad, which has been viewed over 1.6 million times on YouTube, depicts a grandfather in what appears to be a small Spanish community secretly learning how to apply makeup, reports TODAY.


He steals a lipstick tube from his wife's purse and slips into the bathroom to try it on, only to wipe it off in disgust since he doesn't know how to apply it evenly. In another scene, he purchases an eye makeup palette from a shop in his neighborhood despite getting suspicious looks from the store clerk. He also deeply studies the photograph of a model in a perfume advertisement at a bus stop to observe her eyeliner style.

After some trial and error, the senior looks at himself in the mirror with a full face of carefully done makeup, as a cover of "She"—a song originally recorded by Charles Azvenour in 1974—plays in the background. Although the commercial initially gives the impression that it is about the grandfather discovering his own identity, the viewer then gets an emotional surprise. His extended family comes over for Christmas dinner, including one grandchild introduced as "Alvaro, 26 aos (years)" by a caption.

The grandpa brings his grandchild into the bathroom, where he tenderly transforms their look with a gorgeous, bright red lipstick, blush and winged eyeliner. The grandchild seemingly comes out to the family as transgender when they return to the dinner table with their new look. In a caption, "Alvaro" is reintroduced as "Ana, 26 aos." Although the family is taken aback at first, Ana's mother jumps up and embraces her, moved to tears, as the rest of the family looks on with love and acceptance. 

It is finally revealed that the grandfather wanted to learn makeup to help his granddaughter come out to the family. The emotional commercial moved everyone to tears and the comments section was flooded with supportive comments. One Youtube user noted, "I honestly wasn't sure if this was about an older person exploring themselves or not but damn that was a beautiful ending." Another added, "What a twist at the end - I couldn't stop crying. If only there was this much love and acceptance in all families and around the world." 


A third user added, "The magic of love that we need so much these days. Proud of my beloved Spain for having the space for an ad like this one. Cannot see this video without crying." 

The video description of the advertisement reads, "At J&B we want everyone to be able to celebrate at Christmas, without anyone being left out." They add that the members of the LGBTQIA+ community often do not get to celebrate the holidays with their families as they aren't accepted and loved. "We would like this story to make us reflect, so that on these dates there can always be room at the table for acceptance, respect and, above all, celebration," the caption stated.

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