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Hockey fan watches first live game at 63 years and cries happy tears after being gifted a stick

Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy notices her and hands her a hockey stick before going out to the field.

Hockey fan watches first live game at 63 years and cries happy tears after being gifted a stick
Image Source: TikTok/ @nhlblackhawks

Not everybody might understand what it means to be able to watch a game live unless you ask a fan. In a TikTok video posted by @nhlblackhawks, a woman was seen a little emotional during warmups between Blackhawks and Calgary Flames. She couldn't have had a more memorable first game after crying happy tears on seeing her favorite team play. She was asked to show her sign and it read, "63 years fan first time seeing Blackhawks live!" The overlay text reads, "She's been a fan since she was 4 years old!" Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy notices her and hands her a stick before going to the field. She seems emotional. The video ends with the caption, "What a great first game!"

Image Source: TikTok/ @blackhawks
Image Source: TikTok/ @nhlblackhawks


The heartwarming video went viral, garnering 1.8 million views and 198k likes. It is captioned, "We're crying, you're crying." People on TikTok loved the way Murphy gave her a hockey stick. @paytonnoftz commented, "I am sobbing. I love Murph." @stevecompletedj wrote, "Been a Hawks fan since I knew what hockey was, Top notch act right there." @israelmichael91 expressed, "What a beautiful game hockey is. Nothing like a hockey player's kindness. Hockey players restore my faith in humanity." @thebeardedtexan_ pointed out, "I don't watch hockey but this has earned my respect!" @pokechick commented, "We're from Ontario. My dad always loved his Hawks! The only game he saw was the last at Gardens. When he died his casket had his flag on top." @voice4hire wrote, "Even a fan of another team, you appreciate these moments, very classy! great for her!!" @ab32566 expressed, "Well done! Often times pro players and teams don't understand what the game means to fans. It clearly touched this fan's heart. A great moment in sports!"

Image Source: TikTok/ @nhlblackhawks
Image Source: TikTok/ @nhlblackhawks


Fans often have the best reactions to their teams playing. In a similar incident, an Oklahoma University women's basketball match on March 21, the coach's daughter Jordi was captured fiercely cheering for the team. Jordi can be heard shouting, "Come on, Sooners! Do not let them stop you. Come on defense!" A while later, she says, "Get it, get it!" She seems very excited when the team scores a field goal and yells, "Let's gooo, let's gooo!"

The video on ESPN's Facebook page soon went viral, with more than 687k views and 23k likes. Many on the social media platform loved the girl's responses. Debbie Harmon Hodde commented, "Love it so intense!" Carla Mobley pointed out, "She reminds me of the coach’s daughter on Remember the Titans. She’s adorable." Cindy Manley wrote, "She already had tears when they got down with about 4 minutes to go. I’m sure that loss was tough on the little one. Hard life lessons come with being around sports. She’s a lucky kid." Corey Williams expressed, "She was doing everything to try to pump them up like her mom was trying to do to help them win, but I’m sorry it didn’t help!" 



Jordi's mother, Jennie Baranczyk, is in her second season as the head coach of the Sooners women's basketball team. Baranczyk is also a mom to two more children, Eli, 10, and Hope, 5. She shared that all three of them attended as many games of the Sooners as possible and each had a different role at the games. "My son kind of yells at the refs, Jordi kind of coaches the team, and Hope is there for the concessions," Baranczyk. She added, "I think as a coach's kid, you just get thrown into this life that is a little bit unique, especially when your mom is the coach."


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