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Baby has adorable 'I love you' face-off with his big bro and it's exactly what our hearts need right now

Big brother Brendyn and two-year-old Rome just couldn't say goodbye to each other without a screaming match of I love yous.

Baby has adorable 'I love you' face-off with his big bro and it's exactly what our hearts need right now
Image Source: IAMMARILYNMM / TikTok

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 2, 2022. It has since been updated.

A wholesome interaction between an adorable toddler and his loving big brother is spreading smiles across the internet. Two-year-old Rome and his elder bro Brendyn are quite the wholesome duo in a now-viral video where they have a squeal-inducing "I love you" face-off. While the winner is yet to be decided (it was a very heated competition), the TikTok clip has restored our faith in humanity at least a little bit. The video went viral after it was shared by Good Morning America's Brightly.

In the short but truly life-changing clip, viewers see Rome as he snacks on what looks like pure cake frosting or chunky mashed potatoes. We can't really tell; all we know is that it is smeared all over the two-year-old's squishy little cheeks and that's all that matters. (He has attempted to use a spoon, but that hasn't worked out too well for young Rome). In the background, his older brother Brendyn stands in the doorway with a backpack hanging over his shoulder. He was waiting to head to college (yes, amidst a pandemic, God bless our children).

As Rome makes faces at the camera, the older sibling shouts across the room, "Bye Rome, I love you!" In response, of course, the toddler has to turn the volume up. He looks back at him and screams, "Bye Brendyn! I love you!" And that was it, game set match. Back and forth, the two brothers shout "I love you" at each other as loud as they possibly can. The screaming is only disrupted by fits of giggles (on both ends). We aren't sure whether we should dock points or add some for how cute the giggle interruptions are.

Finally, the young but mature Rome decides to let his older brother have the last word. As Brendyn makes his way out of the house with a final "I love you," the two-year-old turns his attention back to his food. A final loud "MMMM!" is heard before the video clip ends. Facebook users definitely enjoyed the TikTok video. One person commented, "Oh my goodness sweetness overload. So adorable. Love this video." Another added, "These two boys are so precious. Love this!" "Both boys are adorable!" One Facebook user wrote. "And I love that your older son just kept going! So sweet! Good job, mama! And the 'MMMMM' at the end... Cherry on top! LOL!"


If this delightful interaction hasn't completely melted your heart, we don't know what will. Who do you think won the "I love you" face-off? While Rome indeed has an added advantage given that he is the literal embodiment of toddler wholesomeness, Brendyn could be the underdog whose soft-underneath-that-macho-facade personality sneaks right up on you. Watch the adorable clip below and let us know who you're rooting for.


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