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Mom reveals hilarious reason why her baby will only calm down while listening to Lil Jon's 'Get Low'

In a viral video shared by the mother, the infant stops crying as soon as his mother starts playing the popular hip-hop song.

Mom reveals hilarious reason why her baby will only calm down while listening to Lil Jon's 'Get Low'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @melissak1996

While many newborn babies are comforted by nursery rhymes, a 2-month-old baby from England finds solace in an unexpected source - Lil Jon's "Get Low." A video shared on social media by the baby's mother, Melissa Buckley, shows how the popular song calms down her son, Jackson. In the clip, the 27-year-old mom can be heard asking Alexa to play “Get Low” as her son cries in her arms. However, as the song starts playing, Buckley starts dancing a little to the beat and miraculously, Jackson stops crying. "Can you tell I listened to this song a bit too much in my pregnancy," the mother wrote in the caption. The song has been a favorite and is often played regularly in her house. The viral video has already garnered over 12 million views on Instagram and TikTok.


"I listened to it a lot in the latter half of my pregnancy because I was trying to get him low," she told TODAY. "I listened to it on repeat a good few times a day for probably three, four weeks on end." Buckley and Jackson's father, Zach, used to enjoy dancing to Lil Jon's music in the kitchen during her pregnancy, and they have continued this tradition even after the birth of their son. The couple now plays “Get Low” during the day to calm down their baby.


Buckley found out that her son was a Lil Jon fan by accident. One day when Jackson was crying a lot and she didn't know what to do, she decided to play the song that cheered her during her pregnancy. She noticed that the baby had stopped crying after listening to the song and she recalled thinking that she had found a way to soothe her baby. Buckley and Jackson also got noticed by none other than Lil Jon himself, who shared the video on his own Instagram story. He wrote, “Wowwwww" in the comments section with a laughing emoji. Instagram users even shared the popular songs that calm down. “My baby’s favorite song is first class by Jack Harlow,”


@_kmbrl wrote. “In 2022 we listened to it a total of 892 times according to Spotify. She is in the top .5% of Jack Harlow fans. She got access to exclusive merch.” @yvonnasnooks added, “Mine was the theme song to Law & Order SVU. Got both my babies with that one.” @vickimeow shared, "Old Town Road works every time. Son is 10 months old. I never listened to it in my pregnancy, but he was screaming in the car at 4 months and it came on shuffle and it put him to sleep."


Buckely has been having a great time reading the comments and seeing other popular songs that calm babies down. She said, "Especially going through motherhood, it’s so relatable because you really do do anything to soothe your baby. It really doesn’t matter what it consists of." While acknowledging that the video and reactions have brought her some lighthearted fun, Buckley also highlighted the challenges of dealing with a newborn child. She said, "It’s really hard, the sleepless nights and all of that. It’s nice to have a bit of fun and laughter with everyone else as well."

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