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Hilarious advice for single American men receives scathing responses: 'This is terrible advice'

An individual shared some unusual advice for those men who feel hopeless about finding a life partner, but most people think the advice is highly questionable.

Hilarious advice for single American men receives scathing responses: 'This is terrible advice'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | James Law

Not everyone effortlessly impresses potential partners. Some spend years struggling to find one. While advice from someone with successful relationships might seem helpful, it can sometimes be ethically questionable. Such is the case with bad advice from Hickman, aka @shagbark_hick on X, who calls himself an "Adirondacker, boondock geographer and incorrigible vagabond." He addressed "single American men who feel hopeless about ever finding a good woman to marry."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studios
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studios

Hickman suggested single men choose their life partners so randomly while making it seem like a meet-cute that was meant to be. "Take a month or two between jobs and drive across the USA. Stop at every gas station and truck stop and eat every meal at diners during non-rush hours. Avoid cities. Stop primarily in poor rural areas out in the middle of nowhere," their post read. So, what's the point in driving to remote towns and eating in diners? It's because one might bump into their future wife during one of these stops, according to Hickman. 


"Every time you see a pretty cashier or waitress with a good vibe, politely ask her out. Tell her you're out seeing the country and looking for a place to settle and a good woman to marry. Repeat until you've found someone to go steady with," they added. Hickman also offered an example of how this trick worked out for a "young and awkward" guy they met at a church in Louisiana. "He met his wife at Love's on I-80 in Iowa. She converted, moved to Louisiana with him and they go back to Iowa together every Christmas, fueling up at the truck stop where they met. She was giddy to find him, as most of the men in her town were either already married or total losers. They were both in their early 30's when they met," they explained.

However, Hickman did not try this technique on themselves. "I had planned on doing this when I got out of the military, but Providence had it that I'd never have to try it out - I'd be engaged to Keturah just before my discharge," they said. Even if this trick didn't work out, Hickman said men would end up with a lot of memories from the travel. "But I say to any young man having trouble finding a woman, it's absolutely worth a try. At worst, you see the country and go on a few bad dates. At best, you find the love of your life," they added. 




The post garnered over 7.6 million views and what made it more interesting was how people perceived this outlook of finding "the one." @amyisquitebusy said, "Hi, men in this thread - absolutely do not hit on women while they are at work. This is terrible advice." @jay_elbee pointed out, "Interesting idea. You should also be open to the idea of relocating to her area and not expect her to give up everything to follow you." @carrie2point0 added, "Please don't do this. Women at work, especially waitresses, are hit on constantly. Can't they just work and not be asked out on a date? This is why women choose the bear. Here's my advice. Develop a skill, some hobbies."

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