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Meet the hilarious 93-year-old woman sharing her valuable insights on dating and relationships

Lillian Droniak doles out advice on everything under the sun including beauty routines and dating tips.

Meet the hilarious 93-year-old woman sharing her valuable insights on dating and relationships
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Grandma Droniak

Lillian Droniak, also known as grandma_droniak on TikTok, is an internet sensation. At the age of 93, she is sharing her dating advice with her 8.7 million followers. Her videos range from sharing her beauty routine for a first date after 25 years to giving tips on "how to avoid an ex" to "get ready with me," or "GRWM", which have received millions of views. Droniak sees herself as the "grandma for the internet" and is happy to offer advice to young people who may not have experienced dating before.

While speaking to Good Morning America, Droniak said, "Giving the dating advice because I went through it. They are maybe too young to think about it." She added that when she was young, she was bashful, but now she is "too much trouble sometimes." In one of her recent TikTok videos, Droniak shared humorous advice on how to avoid an ex. She suggested meowing on the phone when they call and saying you cannot talk because you are already on a date. She also recommended blocking their number and hiding in public so they can not recognize you. The number of views for this video has surpassed more than 1.1 million.


In January, grandma Droniak shared her red flags for men, which also went viral with over 2.1 million views. Her list included men who lie about their height, those who are water signs, and those who do not like cats. She concluded, "If he golfs, don't trust him." Despite her age, Droniak enjoys creating content on TikTok and feels like she is young again. She said, "It makes me feel like I've got all these grandchildren," in reference to her followers.



Droniak's followers appreciate her advice and humor, with many commenting on her videos to express their gratitude. Hazlie, says. "She has more confidence than any of us." "Slaying every second of the day😍" says, vmwesh. Another user, Sarai Gonzalez, says, "If he doesn't like it, he can leave" I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 JustJewelNow, says, "Wishing you the best! This is so wholesome and you look great." Kelkel says, "you look so beautiful! 1 love you grandma! hope u had the best time!"



Droniak's popularity on TikTok shows that age is just a number and that anyone can be an influencer. Her humor and advice resonate with her followers, and she has become a role model for many. As she continues to share her experiences and advice, Droniak is sure to inspire more people to find joy and laughter in their lives, no matter their age.

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