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High school student takes the right road after finding out valedictorian 'always cheats' on exams

A student finds out that their future valedictorian is cheating on all exams and tries to bring out the truth in their own way.

High school student takes the right road after finding out valedictorian 'always cheats' on exams
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Jessica Lewis; Reddit | u/blankspace_69

Being a top-performing student requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Some students get so enamored with this success that they decide to get marks by indulging in malpractice during exams. But things can take a turn quickly and one can lose everything they built up if exposed. u/blankspace_69 shared a story about how they wrote a note to their class valedictorian who copied during exams.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | fauxels

The then-high school student shared that the top-performing student in their class was called Mei. They describe her, "Mei was known for being very quiet and timid, anxious and antisocial; she had long bushy hair that reached pretty much her backside, and she always brought a messy stack of books and papers to each class, despite not needing them for anything." Everybody in the class felt bad for Mei because she was severely affected by anxiety.

On a particular day, she happened to be in a class with Mei and noticed that she was writing answers for a test on the desk and using her hair to cover them. The desks at the school were built in a way that the answers could easily be wiped away using one's hand, which is what Mei did after the exam ended. Basically, Mei cheated on an exam, which shocked the student. She checked with another student, James, in their class and it turned out that Mei always cheated and everybody knew about it.

People were scared to call her out on it and just let it slide. However, the student was upset as they were just outside of being the top five in the class. It also was unfair to other students as it made a big difference in scholarships. They also share, "She was also an officer in the National Honor Society, and while I know that means nothing now, at the time, I thought, 'Wow, she has no honor; this is ridiculous.'"

Another day, the student happened to be in another class with Mei. They had a substitute teacher who didn't really care what they did, so she decided to write a note to Mei, saying, "Hey, everyone knows you cheat and if you don't knock it off, we'll be forced to tell the National Honor Society what you did." She made sure to change her handwriting a bit so it could not be traced back to her. She did not actually intend to give Mei the note, but her friend Kevin said he would.

The student did not take Kevin too seriously, but he gave it to Mei by putting the note on her messy desk. Mei obviously read it and was crying at lunch the next day. She writes, "The friends she sat with all encouraged her to go to the office about whatever happened and she eventually did." The student began to freak out on seeing this because they never expected her to react like this. Moreoever, they were not someone who got in trouble and only intended the note to make Mei stop cheating during exams.

During the next class, the student was called into the principal's office for something. On going there, she found that it was for something completely unrelated and false. The principal did ask about what happened with Mei, but she said she had no idea. The principal let her go and she went back to class. The same day, the student noticed that many people at Mei's lunch table appeared to be angry with her.

The student got so anxious about the entire thing that they went to the office and confessed to their vice principal that they had written the note and had lied to the principal earlier: "I straight up said, 'I wrote the note to Mei, it was me, I lied to the principal earlier'." The vice principal told her they would pass it on to the principal the next day. The post concluded with the student sharing that they had never heard about it again but ended up graduating. Mei, however, was no longer the valedictorian but still managed to get a diploma. In the comment section, people supported the individual's choice to prevent Mei from cheating again.

Image Source: Reddit | u/stoney2723
Image Source: Reddit | u/stoney2723
Image Source: Reddit | u/RayRay6973
Image Source: Reddit | u/RayRay6973

u/tionYArT said, "In my opinion, getting away with cheating—especially if you cheat heavily—will eventually hurt you more. It's not a good life path to follow. While some people do succeed as adult cheaters, many others are exposed and suffer consequences to their reputation in the workplace, in school or in personal life."

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