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Moms in football pads and helmets tackle their sons at practice and it is hilarious

'Mom's Night' began as an annual tradition to help the football players' moms get better acquainted with the sport.

Moms in football pads and helmets tackle their sons at practice and it is hilarious
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@KurtPegler

Often athletes credit their success to their parents. Consciously or otherwise, parents become an integral part of the rigorous training an athlete undergoes, especially during their early career days. From ensuring their dietary habits to accompanying them to their games and practice, parents invest a lot in their children's sporting career. Rarely do we come across instances of parents letting their hair down along with their children on the field. But recently, moms of an Illinois high school football team, the Washington Panthers, along with their sons got a chance to take a break and have some fun when Washington High School held its annual "Mom's Night," according to CBS Sports.



It is the time of the year when high school footballers are getting ready for the start of the 2022 season. On August 11, moms dressed in football gear, with their pads and helmets in place, participated in the practice and learned more about the game as they took on their sons, quite literally. The tradition of annual "Mom's Night" began to help the football players' moms get better acquainted with the sport. Kurt Pegler, sports director of WMBD, shared a video of the sporty moms in high spirits tackling their sons and it is the most hilarious thing of this football season. "Favorite night of football preseason? "Mom's night" at Washington. Players' moms learn about rules, plays, strategy, equipment... and did we mention they get to tackle their sons at the end of practice?," he wrote on his Facebook page.



The moms dressed in Washington Panthers jerseys and pads and they can be seen charging toward their sons to tackle them into a big orange practice pad. The video gets cuter and more hilarious with each player getting brutally defeated by the moms one after the other. A crowd can be seen packing around and cheering the moms. While some moms used effective tackling skills, others just ran into their children praying for the best. When one of the team's biggest players was lined up to be tackled toward the end of the drill, the roles were reversed. A mom wearing jersey number 79 can be seen tackling her son, but she bounced right off of him as the crowd burst into laughter and cheered her on.



The video has garnered a lot of attention from users on social media. Many people were of the opinion that more schools should add annual Mom's Nights to their football practice. A user on Facebook pointed out how this can help parents bond with their children. "Some of these mom's been waiting years to do this lmao but on a serious note, this is a great way for parent(s) and child(ren) to learn and bond together," a user names James Rogers wrote. Another user named Christina Buentello expressed her desire to participate in an event like this. She wrote, "I'd like to tackle my own kid. Next year's pre-season dreams!! I need to share this in the group me..."



A user named Jessica Beaty Jackson tagged her son Dallas Jackson and wrote, "I would love to tackle my son, this would be something that we would both remember." There was a lot of strong appreciation for the powerful hits that these mothers delivered. "Some of the hits these mom’s were laying on their sons were wicked lol," wrote podcast host, Jake Hatch (Yawk). Another user pointed out how the moms are taking their sons to task. He wrote, "Moms are totally making up for sons not answering phone calls, throwing dirty laundry everywhere, and drinking all the milk without telling her." A user named Jarrell Flores rightly pointed out, "...our moms are pretty good athletes and might show those boys a little something," 








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