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High school administration joins dance team for a stunning recreation of the viral 'Barbie' dance

The high school dance team garnered much appreciation for their incredible recreation of the dance from Greta Gerwig's 'Barbie.'

High school administration joins dance team for a stunning recreation of the viral 'Barbie' dance
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by Los Osos High School Dance Team

The iconic Barbie doll has become a cultural phenomenon since the release of its namesake movie. Greta Gerwig's film has sent a wave of nostalgia all through the world in regard to the toy and captured the hearts of young and old equally through its heartfelt messages and catchy songs. The Barbie Album has also garnered iconic status, featuring the likes of Dua Lipa's "Dance The Night" which has garnered praise and many dance videos in a very short time.

One such reiteration of the viral dance from the movie was presented by the extremely talented dance team at California's Los Osos High School. The teenagers, supported by the school authorities, put on a majestic display of dance moves in a video that has now been uploaded to the Los Osos High School Dance Team's YouTube channel.


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The dance team's pep rally features many Kens and Barbies, showcasing their immense talent. The routine begins with all the dancers greeting each other with the now universal call, "Hi Barbie!" and "Hi Ken!" and then hit it off with their marvelous moves. It was not just students soaking up the fun as the dancers were joined by administrators like Principal Eric Cypher, Assistant Principals Julia Castillo-Watkins, Jerome Rucker, Jessica Holbrook, Dawud Akram and Jennifer McNatt opening the performance. Later, the team switched to another iconic track from the movie, "Barbie World (With Aqua)" by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, with the same energy.

The routine, like the song, followed a disco theme. All the dancers were wearing colorful and glittery outfits. The dancers were coordinated and transitioned from one move to another seamlessly. After performing "Dance The Night," they moved to "Barbie World (With Aqua)," which contained a lot of hip-hop moves. The dancers were separated into groups and each of them was allowed to take center stage in the dance routine. The dance moves matched perfectly with the catchy tunes, giving everything a professional touch.


The whole routine was choreographed by coach Rachel Muego. This was not the first time she created such a masterpiece with this team. Earlier this year, she collaborated with the group to recreate Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime show. The video got featured on outlets like Complex, Good Morning America, KTLA 5, ABC 7, CBS, Ryan Seacrest KIIS FM, iHeart Radio, PopSugar and HuffPost.

Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by @KGPLAYZZ
Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by @KGPLAYZZ


Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by @stefondevr2868
Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by @stefondevr2868

Apart from the dancers, the costume department also put their best foot forward in the performances. In 11 days, the video has gained 25k views on YouTube. After churning out a performance of such quality at the kick-off rally, everyone is now waiting with bated breaths for what they will put out during the school year. The comment section is in awe of the performance turned out by the team. @caitlinyerkey appreciated the effort put forward by the whole team, "This is literally amazing!!! Ya'll killed it!!!!" @gsplover4550 got nostalgic seeing the performance, "Amazing job! Makes me miss dance in high school!!" 


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