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He's 100 years old. But that doesn't stop him from working at a charity shop four hours away.

David Flucker claims his age is no barrier to enjoying himself. He enjoys giving back to his community at the St. Columba’s Hospice charity shop.

He's 100 years old. But that doesn't stop him from working at a charity shop four hours away.
Image Source: StColumbas / Twitter

David Flucker celebrated his centennial birthday earlier this week. Despite hitting the big 100, he spends most of his days contributing to society in any way he can. He volunteers at a local charity shop for three days each week, even though his commute is four hours long. Staff at the St. Columba’s Hospice charity shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, are incredibly grateful for all the work he puts in. According to the senior citizen, he just wants to pay it forward for the kindness he received during his own stay at the hospice after he was diagnosed with cancer. Flucker has become an invaluable member of the charity shop's team, Good News Network reports.

Flucker shared in an interview with the media outlet, "It is a wonderful feeling to be doing something." He first began working at the charity shop after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He spent two weeks being cared for at St. Columba’s Hospice. Now, he is paying it forward despite the long commute. "It is two buses and a 20 minute walk to get to the shop, at least two hours," he explained. "I work three days a week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which are the busiest days." His responsibilities mainly include surveying the donations the charity shop receives on a daily basis.


Flucker said, "We get a lot of toys, books, jigsaw puzzles. We have got to check them all over." While he enjoys this part of the job, his favorite part is interacting with the people who come into the shop. He especially loves when people "come in just to chat." In addition to working at the charity shop, the senior citizen spends time building model railways which he auctions off to raise money for the hospice. He retired at the age of 72 after having worked all his life as a printer. He said his age is no barrier to enjoying himself.


In fact, he spent his 100th birthday on a boat tour of the Firth of Forth. Flucker even received a card from the Queen. "I saw parts of Scotland I had not seen before," he stated. "And [I] got quite a surprise as the band started to sing ‘happy birthday.'" Meanwhile, back at the charity shop, people came in to deliver well-wishes. Furthermore, there was even a "marvelous birthday cake" covered in raspberries. He cheekily added, "There might be more birthday cakes."


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