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Heroic dog saves life of 17-year-old by alerting his parents of a stroke: 'He was pawing me'

The boy was rushed to the emergency room, and the timely response was critical in preventing further brain injury.

Heroic dog saves life of 17-year-old by alerting his parents of a stroke: 'He was pawing me'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Amanda C Tanner

The love and instinctive capacities dogs have are unreal. The furry guys are known for their intellect and loyalty. A one-year-old border collie, Axel displayed the same in a recent instance in his household. 17-year-old Gabriel was in his room when he suffered a stroke and Axel immediately knew that something is wrong. per Today. He immediately sprung to action and decided to let his parents about it,


Gabriel’s mom, Amanda Tanner shared Axel was hyperactively trying to wake the couple at 5 a.m. “He was pawing me more than normal to get me to move,” the mom said. As any person would think, the couple presumed that the dog had to go out to do his job. Tanner’s husband went and opened the door for the dog but he refused to follow and go out. Instead, he rushed to the boy's door. He was silently having a stroke in his bedroom with his parents not knowing the same. The boy’s dad eventually checked in on his son only to find him suffering with a numb body and slurring speech.


He was rushed to the emergency room. Dr. Sabih Effendi, a neurosurgeon who treated Gabriel, said that Axel made a massive, possibly life-saving difference by alerting his parents at the right time. She added, “It’s very amazing that their dog alerted and started this whole process of getting everyone awake and going downstairs. When somebody’s acutely having a stroke, the neurons are dying. If he was not found and another three or four hours went by, there would have been more and more and more brain injury.”

On speaking with Gabriel, it was revealed that the teen had no symptoms or bothering issues other than a slight headache. The stroke occurred overnight and all that the boy recalled was being unable to hold the grip on his father’s hand. Gabriel mentioned that the stroke wasn’t painful, he only felt fuzzy. However, it was cause for great concern and had Axel not been shrewd and persistent, the boy would have suffered great damage.


Tanner was completely shocked and worried about the sudden condition. “He’s senior year. He’s in varsity soccer. And I’m like, what just happened? A whole life of planning and it all looks different now.” the mom said. The doctor pitched in on the possible cause of the stroke saying, “His arterial dissection was spontaneous, one of the leading causes of stroke in people under 30.” Grateful for Axel, Tanner remarked, “We wouldn’t have thought to go into Gabriel’s room and wake him up. He’s a teenager. It was a Saturday morning. We went to bed late. We wouldn’t think to go in there until maybe noon."


The doctor also mentioned that having waited any longer for treatment would have caused possible paralysis or damaged his ability to speak. “Being found earlier because of the dog that significantly improved his outcome,” Effendi said. Tanner expressed that she was grateful for Axel and would make him a medal for his astuteness to go on his collar. “He’s now sleeping with Gabriel more, and Gabriel’s doors are open so he can go in and out. He’s always been very sensitive to everything and everybody’s emotions at home,” said the mom.


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