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Hero Dr. Fauci works 20-hour days. His wife has to remind him to eat, sleep, and drink water.

You know what they say, behind every hero battling a terrible public health crisis, there's always a skilled bioethicist wife behind him.

Hero Dr. Fauci works 20-hour days. His wife has to remind him to eat, sleep, and drink water.
Image Source: President Trump Holds Daily Coronavirus Task Force Briefing In Rose Garden. WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Most of us know of Dr. Anthony Fauci as the expert on the frontlines in the battle against Coronavirus. Some of us know of him as the brainiac who has to keep President Donald Trump from vomiting lies about COVID-19 at his daily press briefings. However you may be acquainted with Dr. Fauci and his work, you probably aren't aware of how he spends his days ever since the outbreak. As now one of the most important people in the country, he has to ensure this public health crisis is well-handled. This means he often doesn't get time to sleep, eat, or even drink water, CNBC reports.



Over the White House advisor's 36-year career, he has handled many an outbreak, including HIV, SARS, MERS, and Ebola. So it's not exactly his first rodeo. Nonetheless, this is an epidemic unlike any other. Therefore, thanks to the growing pandemic, Dr. Fauci now works 19 to 20-hour days. If it weren't for his wife Christine Grady, a nurse bioethicist, he probably wouldn't be eating or sleeping. She shared, "I try to get him to rest, to drink water, to eat well, to sleep, and to be selective about what he agrees to and say no to some things." Like her husband, Grady, too, has quite a demanding job. She works at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. 



As a bioethicist, she has the task of "figuring out the 'right' thing to do when conflicting values and uncertainty arise in clinical care, research and health policy." Due to the current public health situation, she said there are "many challenging issues to deal with" at present. She spends most of her time at the hospital but does have to go into the office every now and then. However, she does practice social distancing while at the office. "Almost all of our meetings are virtual," the bioethicist revealed. For meetings that must be had in person, she ensures everyone stands or sits at least six to seven feet apart from each other. "And we are washing our hands all the time and wearing masks," she added.



Evidently, both Grady and Dr. Fauci have hectic schedules. It has hence been difficult to juggle their jobs and private lives. The couple does not practice social distancing while at home near North Bethesda, Maryland, instead, they simply try to manage their hygiene to the highest standards. Grady said, "We are trying to get some sleep and eat as regularly as possible, washing our hands all the time and cleaning surfaces and anything we touch, especially when coming in from outside." They also manage to spend quality time with each other when their schedules permit. "We like to power walk and have succeeded in walking a few times together," Grady revealed. "Other times I walk without him."




Grady said she was "coping like everyone else" during this public health crisis. As for any advice she may have for those navigating the outbreak, she simply echoes her husband's advice. She affirmed, "Take care of yourselves, use protective gear appropriate to your job, remember to always wash your hands and avoid close contact with people." With leaders like her and Dr. Fauci doing everything in their capability, Americans should be a little relieved to know that their health is in good hands (at least when it's not in President Trump's).



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