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Here's just a bunch of cats who don't understand the concept of personal space

You would think cats are independent creatures, but it turns out they just want to hang out with you all the time.

Here's just a bunch of cats who don't understand the concept of personal space
Image Source: (L) inkspecialist / imgur (R) 2iglgk / Reddit

Most people adopt cats because they want an animal that's easier to take care of than dogs are. Cats are mature. They are independent. You would expect them to understand personal space, right? Well, you would be wrong. Users across social media platforms have collectively posted evidence that their cats, who believe they are self-sufficient overlords who trained their humans to serve them, are in fact, attached little squishy fluff balls. This is particularly true when cat owners disappear into the ether (i.e. the bathroom) and cannot be found. Cats will rush to their side in order to protect them evils such as Master Commode and Evil Captain Bathtub. Here are the most valiant fur babies—erm, soldiers?—of all.

1. Laser Protector

Image Source: quesoburgesa / Reddit

2. The Toothbrush Wielder

Image Source: inkspecialist / imgur

3. Captain Underpants

Image Source: Bubzyyy / Reddit

4. Lord of the Oceans

Image Source: BowChikaMeowMeow / Reddit

5. Sinkatron

Image Source: Sam474 / Reddit

6. Towel Queen

Image Source: nyliecyrus / Reddit

7. The Eyes of the Bathroom Floor

Image Source: chefjessphd / Reddit

8. Shower Terminator

Image Source: billypilgrimm / Reddit

9. Sinkatron (But Scared)

Image Source: HoboStabz / Reddit

10. Mr. Curious

Image Source: bhaktee / Reddit

11. Shower Hodor

Image Source: flopsycat / Reddit

12. Black and White Knights

Image Source: Everythingvanishes / Reddit

13. Snugglemaster

Image Source: IsaacTowellComedy / Reddit

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