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Here are 15 insecurities most men have that a lot of women actually don’t care about

The Reddit thread proved to be an eye-opener for most men as more women opened up about things that didn't really bother them.

Here are 15 insecurities most men have that a lot of women actually don’t care about
Image source: Getty Images/Reddit

Most of us are conscious about our appearance, our bodies, or our personality that it consumes a lot of our energy. Turns out, you may have been worrying for nothing. In a Reddit thread, user GorillaS0up asked: “Women of Reddit, what common insecurities do men have about their bodies that women don't actually care about?“ Here are some of the beautiful posts that we came across:

1. You don't have to be the best at everything

"Being the best. Smartest, toughest, funniest. It's better to be individual with your niche interests, looks, sense of humor rather than try to be the brightest. Also, it's more attractive to acknowledge the success of your friends than to talk about their shortcomings."— u/1fkiziey1


2. Graying hair

"My 32-year-old husband is currently freaking out because he has “so many” (it’s not that many), gray hairs. I couldn’t give two sh*ts lol. I think he’s still just as handsome and I really don’t see what the big deal is."



3. Be your nerdy self

"Don't worry about coming off as nerdy or brainy. Ffs please think for yourself and ENJOY your hobbies. We actually dig someone with passion and honestly being able to hold a conversation with depth is delicious. Extra points on sarcasm, wit, and humor." —u/goddessofwitches

4. Awkward is fine

"Being awkward sometimes or doing something embarrassing. I somehow find this more appealing than guys who never seem embarrassed or are extremely confident." —u/Zekumi

5. Be bold. Be bald.

"Baldness. There are plenty of hot men that are bald."— TastyLemonC*nt123

6. Stretch marks and scars

"Honestly the same ones as women most of the time. Such as stretch marks and scars. I couldn't care less. I have them also. Oatmeal cream pies have stretch marks and no one turns them down!" — u/ariluvxoxo



7.  Fancy Dinners

"I've seen a few guys try to act like they have money to burn in order to impress their dates (me included) but then not be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. Honestly, I'll take stability and honesty over a fancy dinner any day." — u/EchoFoxAlpha

8. Hairy body 

"Hair on their chest or arms. It's there yeah and no one cares." —u/Pileofbrokenkeys

9. It's okay to cry

"Showing their emotions. Turns out a lot of guys can't even cry, because at a young age males are told "boys don't cry", "man up."" — u/Co11eenxx 

10.  Big gut

"Having a bit of a gut. It's cute. Having a flat butt. No biggie! Having some zits. Don't care. Big nose. So what? Crooked smile. As long as you smile :)" — u/fair--pair

11. Voice

"My ex hated his voice, he thought it was too high. I don't even notice voice pitches. But he let it put a fake divide between us which is why we broke up. HIGH VOICES ARE CUTE! DEEP VOICES ARE CUTE! ALL VOICES ARE PERFECT!" — u/FuzzyOwlFeet 

 12. Dad bod

"dad bod? literally my favorite thing ever. best hugs, incredible cuddles. absolutely unmatched." — u/afrogal 

13. Weight

"Excess weight. Of course, we are not talking about the final stage of obesity, when the weight prevents the guy from functioning normally, but 10-15 kg. Big men with excess weight seem to me like big bears, behind which you want to hide and snuggle tightly." —u/Siberia_Veronika 

14.  Height

"If you’re short and have an attitude about it, it’s the attitude that makes you unattractive, not your actual height." — u/Engardebro

15. Love handles

"Bellies and love handles. I personally love seeing the hips on a guy, and a soft belly is nice to touch and rest on. I like hugging my love from behind and I want to stretch my fingertips right up under that shirt. Love a tummy, and again with the last one, the amount of hair on it ain't no thang to me!" — u/sclerogue 

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