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These 11 reasons are why companies no longer want you to work from home

From real estate to gas prices, the call to return to office spaces has little to do with company culture and a lot to do with capitalism.

These 11 reasons are why companies no longer want you to work from home
Image Source: (Top) rustbeltrants / Twitter (Bottom) Ave Calvar / Unsplash

As the pandemic continues, several folks have continued to work from home. However, companies are now calling employees back into the office. Of course, dozens of Americans have opposed this shift. While employers claim they want to return to the office "for the culture," many on Twitter have shared the real reasons behind why firms want their workers to discontinue remote work. Real estate and gas prices are only two of those reasons. After more than two years of working from home and recognizing all of the benefits it has to offer, employees are drawing hard boundaries around their bosses asking them to return to work. So, here are 11 of the real reasons why employers are putting an end to work from home.

1. Office spaces



2. Landlords and oil companies



3. The worker movement



4. The culture

Image Source: zetret / Reddit


5. Real estate



6. All those empty office spaces and their potential uses...



7. Capitalism



8. The panopticon is real



9. Just pure hating?



10. Ableism



11. Because no one actually cares about the planet, right?


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