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Kelly Clarkson moved to tears after Henry Winkler shared beautiful advice for her daughter with dyslexia

She shared that her daughter was being bullied at school for her inability to read like the other children.

Kelly Clarkson moved to tears after Henry Winkler shared beautiful advice for her daughter with dyslexia
Image Source: Youtube/Entertainment Tonight

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects a person's ability to read, write and spell. Unfortunately, individuals with dyslexia often face discrimination and stigmatization due to their condition. They may be perceived as less intelligent, lazy, or unmotivated, which leads to unfair treatment in education, employment, and social situations. Kelly Clarkson's daughter also faced discrimination due to dyslexia. Clarkson revealed it in the episode of "The Kelly Clarson Show" on April 18 with guest Herry Winkler. She shared with Winkler that she was driving her daughter, River, to school the day before she filmed the interview, reported TODAY.


She noted that River is dyslexic, as is Winkler, known for his role in "Happy Days" and he's a children's book writer. He went ahead to share his experience with the disability and shared some encouraging words for the singer's daughter. Clarkson shared, "She was getting bullied at school for not being able to read like all the other kids. And you have told me that you're dyslexic as well. I find that amazing, to tell my daughter that you've written, like, 40 books and you're dyslexic." According to Winkler, dyslexia is a common condition, affecting one in five children. The International Dyslexia Association estimates that almost 15-20% of the global population shows "some symptoms of dyslexia."



The singer said, "It’s more common, I didn’t know that" and Winkler replied, "She’s in the tribe." During her interview with Winkler, Clarkson mentioned that her daughter's school had a program that discussed dyslexia and highlighted several famous individuals who also have the condition. Clarkson expressed that her daughter felt empowered by the openness of these celebrities about their dyslexia. Winkler then turned to the camera to provide some guidance for Kelly Clarkson's daughter.

He said, "River! How you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are." Clarkson teared up at this and grabbed a tissue while joking, "My makeup artist is going to kill me." Clarkson shares two children, 8-year-old River and 7-year-old Remington, with her former spouse Brandon Blackstock. After separating from Blackstock, the songwriter openly talked about the challenges and rewards of raising her children as a single mother.



She said, "I’m either at work or with kids. So, my nanny — I literally almost cried — like, she walked into the kitchen and was like, ‘Hey, for Mother’s Day, I’m going to give you the gift of time and you can just do whatever you want.’ I almost broke down, I was like, ‘What??!!’ I had the best day, and it was amazing." In addition, Clarkson shared that she and Blackstock have made it a priority to co-parent their children. During August 2022, the "Stronger" singer reminisced about a summer trip she took with her ex-husband and their children. 

She said, "It’s obviously been a rough couple of years so it was really important to me to, like, shut down for a minute. The kids were with me and with their dad. It was nice because they usually have to travel a lot because of our separation so we were both in Montana so, it was the first time I think my kids felt more centered as well."

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