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He was bullied all his life for his birthmark. Then he learned it was a 'tattoo from Jesus.'

Grant reminds everyone who has a visible "defect" that they are absolutely perfect just the way they are.

He was bullied all his life for his birthmark. Then he learned it was a 'tattoo from Jesus.'
Image Source: bbcthesocial / Facebook

Trigger Warning: Self-Harm

In school, Grant was known as the big "GMG": Gay Moley Grant. The nickname was attributed to him because of his flamboyant behavior and a dark brown birthmark on his right cheek. For years, he hated his own face and spent a lot of time thinking about how to make his birthmark go away (he even tried scratching off his own skin). Over time, Grant began to accept that he wouldn't make it in the entertainment world because of his looks. That is until he met a woman who told him his birthmark was just a "tattoo from Jesus."


He explained in a now-viral video for the BBC's The Social, "All my life, I've had people look at the birthmark before they've looked at me. Now, it's nothing big, it's not an injury, it's not a disability. It's a small thing but it's had a big impact on my life. I hated it! Seriously. And all my friends and family used to say, 'We don't see it anymore.' I saw it every day of my life." He shared that at school, his classmates would call him and his birthmark every horrible name in the book: chocolate drop and crap stain were just two of them. It didn't exactly bother him until he watched that one Austin Powers movie with a character who had a huge mole. He knew that the next day at school would be absolutely terrible; others too had gone to see the film and he was certain that they would use this as ammo against his "stain."


He had predicted correctly. "I knew kids could be tough, but jeez, this was a whole new level," Grant stated. "When I was 13, I thought if I could just scratch off the skin, then the skin would grow back and the brown would be gone forever. Not the case." He also revealed that he bought skin lightening bleach when he was 17, which his parents went "catatonic" about after they found out. The bullying and seemingly harmless comments didn't stop as he got older. He would get a lot of annoying questions as an adult, too. "What's that on your face?" People would ask. "Have you been fighting?" He quickly resigned to the fact that he would never make it in the entertainment field or find a guy to like him because of his "milk chocolate button."



However, he soon met a kind woman at an airport last year. She asked him, "Honey, what's that on your face?" As he prepared to respond with a sarcastic comment, she quickly said, "Oh, that's a tattoo from Jesus!" Grant immediately thought that was the "greatest thing he had heard in his life." He affirmed, "From that point on, I thought that anything that makes us different from the 'default' human form is a unique stamp from the creator if you believe in that. So the moral of the story is: be proud of any physical aspect that makes you different from the crowd... You are you and just love you. Love yourself and whatever comes along with that."


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