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Harvard graduate hilariously shuts down 'condescending' grammar trolls on the internet

She decided to stand up in defence of a Yale student being bombarded by grammar trolls on the internet.

Harvard graduate hilariously shuts down 'condescending' grammar trolls on the internet
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer; X | @gigglypuff

Ideally, we shouldn't fuss over grammar in social media posts, yet some can't resist pointing out minor errors in a condescending way. Madison, a Harvard grad and software engineer known as @xgigglypuff on X, posted a heated exchange with a user named @russellking about minor grammar errors in another student's post critiquing Israel's actions.Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

Russell restricted his post's visibility, prompting Madison to take screenshots of their satirical exchange. The post has garnered over 1 million views and 15K likes on the platform. Her post reads, "Advice of the Day: Don't start a condescending ~~ 'well actually' ~~ argument about grammar with Ivy League women." In the screenshots, Russell replied to the student's comment, correcting them by saying, "As I, not as me. A Yalie should know better." Madison finds the man's reply very condescending and decides to respond, criticizing his reply by pointing out how the first sentence is a fragment.


She noted that people often use colloquial English online, where perfect grammar isn't always necessary. The Harvard graduate said, "You just wanted to be condescending but failed by making errors yourself." Russell was not letting it go and responded, "Intentional abbreviated sentence fragments are not the same as mistaken and improper grammar, but nice try." Madison went ahead and pointed out even more grammar mistakes in his reply. He continues to give justifications, but she absolutely destroys him by giving a comprehensive explanation of how he is wrong, for which he supposedly did not have a reply.


Madison replies to her post, explaining, "I'm getting a lot of replies from people who don't get the joke. I'm intentionally talking like him and being pretentious to make fun of him." She shares that she does not care much about grammar and feels it is unnecessary to point out grammatical errors. The post concludes with her revealing that she is just trolling him for his rude behavior. People loved the woman's smart response to the man and shared their thoughts in the comments. @zKassaiAudio commented, "Kudos for keeping the dry, technical language throughout – that made this so much funnier. It made it seem like this dude would argue out loud with a dictionary if he disagreed with it."


@Suzy_Swoozy highlighted, "They really don't like it when you mirror them. You stole his script and gave no space to wiggle through and try from another angle. That is beautiful." @DailyGfy said, "You don't have to defend yourself to the freaks. It's pretty clear if anybody reads the context." @TestYourMettle expressed, "I'm not Ivy League, but my degree is in English (focus in Journalism). Once you're in the predicate, the rules are a little different. For an informal setting, it's perfectly fine. Dude is just posturing pretentiously for pedantry's sake."

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