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Handyman father gifts disabled son a memorable Halloween with a stroller-friendly costume

Many online called him 'dad of the year' while others requested the Edmonton Oilers invite their tiny superfan to a game.

Handyman father gifts disabled son a memorable Halloween with a stroller-friendly costume
Cover Image Source: TikTok/eastonoetting

Halloween is always filled with innovative and wonderful costumes as this spooky time of the year is when everyone expresses their creative and nerdy side, be they adult or child. People on the internet are being wowed by some of the wonderful costumes from this year's festivities. This includes the special costume of Easton Oetting, a young Edmonton Oilers fan from Sarnia, Ontario. The disabled 5-year-old was dressed like an Oilers' Zamboni, all thanks to the innovative mind and hard work of his father, DJ Oetting.

DJ Oetting, who is a handyman by profession, made the youngster an Edmonton Oilers-themed ice-resurfacing machine costume. Speaking to CTV News about his creation, he said: "We were just trying to figure out how we could incorporate the Oilers into his costume and we wanted to still do the stroller, so obviously a vehicle. The only thing we could think of was a Zamboni." Easton has duplication syndrome, a rare genetic disease that affects his development, including his heart, speech and movement. 


The National Hockey League awarded Easton the "COSTUME OF THE YEAR" honor in a Twitter post resharing a TikTok video that documents the costume creation process. Oetting revealed that he assembled the Zamboni in a few hours using foam insulation, glue, and screws. "I have it set up so that it goes over the top of his stroller, and it actually sits perfectly on his stroller, and then we just wheel the stroller with him in it," he explained.

The TikTok video of the young boy's Halloween costume quickly went viral on the platform, gathering over 144k likes and counting in less than a week. The video shows the adorable boy happily putting on his costume and smiling away as he takes it out for a spin. The text inlay on the clip reads: "When your special needs son wants a Halloween costume and your husband is handy." The next few frames show his father working tirelessly to recreate the ice resurfacer for his son's custom costume.


He told the outlet: "Everybody seems to love it. Even people that aren't Oilers' fans, I think they just, they see Easton in it and how happy he is, and they love it." People online definitely love the costume and the effort that went into creating it, with one TikTok user commenting: "What a lucky little guy!!! Great work and such a talented dad!!" Another added: "This Jets fan finally approves of an Oilers' fans fantasy come true! Way to go, Daddio! Hope the team recognizes this awesome effort!!!" Meanwhile, a third user said: "This is amazing!! @edmontonoilers @nhl I think this kiddo needs to test his Zamboni at your rink!"

"Even my cold dead heart wants this bow to go to an Oilers game," yet another TikTok user wrote.


The video also gathered several comments from users on Twitter after it was reposted by NHL. @PuckNNuts tweeted: "Way to go dad. No doubt he feels like you got him his own Zamboni. Well done, he'll never forget this." @BDCC24 said: "Say what you will but oilers fans are a different breed absolutely amazing and brings a tear to your eye. This coming from a leafs fan." Many called Oetting "dad of the year" while others requested the team to invite this little boy to a game.

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